100 Ways to Use Oxi Booster


Here are 100 ways to use Oxi Booster pods to keep your laundry and home sparkling clean and free of unexpected messes.

Dropps Oxi Booster pods are your new cleaning best friend. This mineral-based, color-safe bleach alternative is perfect for tough jobs–whether on laundry or around the house.

Here are 100 ways to use Oxi Booster pods to keep your laundry and home sparkling clean and free of unexpected messes. Toss a pod in the wash or dissolve in water, put on a pair of gloves (the high pH can be a bit irritating on skin directly), and get ready for the cleanest home of your life!

  1. Whiten white clothing
  2. Whiten white sheets and bed linens
  3. Whiten white towels
  4. Brighten colorful clothing
  5. Brighten colorful sheets and bed linens
  6. Brighten colorful towers
  7. Whiten and brighten throw blankets
  8. Remove stubborn odors from exercise clothing
  9. Deodorize sports equipment
  10. Remove stubborn odors from work clothes
  11. Strip towels and sheets in your machine
  12. Clean cloth diapers
  13. Wash pet beds (and get rid of any animal smells!)
  14. Remove stains from cloth napkins
  15. Remove musty scent from old towels
  16. Wash kitchen rags
  17. Presoak laundry to remove stubborn stains of all kinds
  18. Pretreat stains on cotton 
  19. Pretreat stains on canvas
  20. Rescue clothes accidentally left in the wash overnight
  21. Wash sneakers in the washing machine
  22. Clean running shoes
  23. Wash a futon cover
  24. Wash your bath mat
  25. Wash your shower liner
  26. Wash your shower curtain
  27. Wash makeup sponges
  28. Wash a comforter
  29. Wash cloth face masks
  30. Remove lipstick stains
  31. Remove mud and dirt stains
  32. Remove Sweat Stains
  33. Remove Sunscreen Stains
  34. Remove Nail Polish Stains
  35. Remove Foundation Stains
  36. Remove Deodorant Stains
  37. Remove Coffee Stains
  38. Remove Tea Stains
  39. Remove wine stains
  40. Remove Cooking Oil Stains
  41. Remove underarm yellowing
  42. Remove Mustard Stains
  43. Remove caramel stains
  44. Remove berry stains
  45. Remove food coloring stains
  46. Remove soot stains
  47. Remove baby poop stains
  48. Remove chewing gum stains
  49. Remove blood stains
  50. Clean your washing machine
  51. Clean your dishwasher
  52. Clean your dryer
  53. Clean your toilet
  54. Deodorize trash cans
  55. Deodorize your diaper pail
  56. Clean your recycling bin
  57. Clean and deodorize your compost bin
  58. Clean your bathtub
  59. Wash your mop
  60. Clean your kitchen sink
  61. Clean your bathroom sink
  62. Clean your shower
  63. Clean the outside of your fridge
  64. Clean the inside of your fridge
  65. Clean countertops
  66. Clean kitchen or bathroom tiles
  67. Brighten grout lines
  68. Clean your stovetop
  69. Clean your humidifier
  70. Clean your carpet
  71. Clean a rug
  72. Clean a fence
  73. Clean your coffee pot (and get rid of stubborn coffee stains!)
  74. Clean stains off concrete
  75. Clean a litter box or crate
  76. Soak pots and pans to remove stuck on food
  77. Remove stubborn tea and coffee stains from mugs
  78. Freshen drains
  79. Freshen garbage disposals 
  80. Clean hardwood floors
  81. Clean tile floors
  82. Clean linoleum floors
  83. Clean patio & deck surfaces
  84. Clean patio furniture
  85. Spot clean upholstery
  86. Eliminate carpet stains
  87. Wash kid’s plastic toys
  88. Wash stuffed animals
  89. Make a white t-shirt look brand new
  90. Spot clean white sneakers
  91. Spot clean boots
  92. Remove stains from walls 
  93. Whiten walls
  94. Wash windows
  95. Clean tools
  96. Remove labels from jars (simply soak jars in a solution of Oxi Booster and hot water!)
  97. Clean your range hood filter (just be sure to fully clean the Oxi after, as prolonged exposure could cause rusting on aluminum or iron!)
  98. Spot clean a baby carrier
  99. Clean seasonal decorations like ornaments
  100. Clean reusable shopping bags