Seeing suds may make you feel like your clothes or dishes are getting scrubbed, but the naked truth is that bubbles don’t clean.

Who among us was taught to scrub our hands with soap until they saw bubbles? A big pile of suds can make us feel like our hands, clothes, or dishes are getting extra clean. Don’t worry–even the best of us have fallen for this pervasive bubble myth! Read on to learn more about this misconception, and find out why Dropps products are intentionally low sudsing.

Do Soap Suds Clean Better?

Do detergent suds clean clothes? While suds may look satisfying, they actually do not hold any cleaning power! Bubbles occur when air gets trapped in the soap molecules. The bubble itself does not help in the cleaning process–the surfactant, or soap molecule, is the real superstar here. Surfactants work by dragging soil out of your clothes or dishes and into the water, where it is washed away. The surfactant is the invisible workhorse of any cleaning product–the bubble is just a flashy mascot. (Fun fact: this is true for both hand washing dish, dishwasher, and laundry detergent!)

Why Choose a Low Sudsing Product?

Many cleaning companies and products add sudsing agents to their products to intentionally create bubbles. The same product in different markets may actually contain different amounts of sudsing agents, based on consumer expectations. Part of Dropps' mission is to eliminate the unnecessary aspects of cleaning your home. As such, our products are intentionally low sudsing. Low sudsing products clean just as well as products that create a lot of bubbles. In fact, more bubbles can mean that there is detergent residue left on your clothes or dishes when the wash cycle is complete. It may be jarring to not see bubbles at first: but don’t worry, the product is still hard at work.

Without Bubbles, How Do I Know if It’s Clean?

You don’t need to see bubbles to see if something is clean! Do you see any visible stains, dirt, or residue? If not, then it’s probably good to go! You can also use the old reliable sniff test–whether you use scented or unscented detergents, your laundry or dishes should be free of dirty laundry smell or whatever you had for dinner. Trust yourself and your instincts–they’re more trustworthy than suds.