How to Wash a Futon Cover


Here's a tutorial for all you college kids out there (or anyone who is a fan of beds that are also couches!) Futons can seem daunting to wash because of their bulky mattresses, but once you remove the cover, washing is easy peasy.

Step 1

Pre-treat stains

Begin by removing the cover from the futon. Dissolve an Oxi Pod in a bucket of warm water to pre-treat any stains or spots that need special care. 

Step 2


Place the cover in the washing machine. If you have trouble fitting it into the machine, consider taking it to a laundromat for an XL machine.  Wash the cover using the cold wash/cold rinse cycle unless your care instructions specify to use warm water.

Step 3


Tumble dry on the heat setting suggested on the care instructions. If no instructions are available use the “low heat”. Halfway through the drying cycle, remove the cover and flip it inside out for even drying!


Products to treat Deodorant stain:
Oxi Booster Pods, Laundry Pod of choice