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How to Remove Sunscreen Stains

We might not want to admit it but listen, all of us sweat! You may not be spending all day long in the hot sun, but through all seasons our bodies continue to help us with this natural coolant. Something to be grateful for, but it can of course leave stains from time to time! Here’s a quick breakdown of how to remove them. 


Step 1

Fill sink

Fill the sink with warm water and drop in one Oxi Boost pod. Wait for it to dissolve fully.

Step 2

Treat stain

Add the affected garment and let it soak for up to 6 hours. Feel free to periodically scrub with a bristled brush to really get at those oils!

Step 3


Toss one Stain & Odor Pod into the wash with your items and wash as normal.

Step 4


Check the item to make sure the stain is completely out. If it isn’t, launder it again with a commercial rust remover. (Yes, you read that right!) Commercial rust removers are safe to use only on white or colorfast fabrics.Once gone, dry as normal!

Extra Tip

If you’re unable to treat a sunscreen stain right away, use a spoon to remove what lotion remains on the surface and sprinkle the stain with cornstarch. Hanging out on the beach? Use the sand! Let the powder or sand sit on the stain for at least 15 minutes before you brush it away. This will help absorb the oil in the moment so you can better wash the garment properly once you get home.


Products to treat sweat stain:

Stain & Odor Laundry Pods, Oxi Booster Pod