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How to Remove Foundation Stains

If you’ve ever thrown on a bit of makeup running out the door, you may have spilled a bit of foundation before. Powder can be fairly simple to brush off or rinse out, but liquid foundation may be trickier. Here’s how to wash it out.


Step 1

Remove excess

Use a dull knife to gently scrape off any excess foundation lingering on your item.

Step 2

Treat stain

Dampen stain and rub with bar soap. Massage it between your fingers until it begins to lift. Rinse well and repeat as needed.

Step 3


Wash item according to garment label, with a Stain & Odor pod and Oxi Boost pod.

Step 4


If the stain is gone, feel free to dry according to the label. If it remains, soak in a sink with a dissolved Oxi Boost pod for 1-3 hours, then wash again.

Products to treat foundation stains:
Stain & Odor Laundry Pods, Oxi Booster Pod