How to Clean your Bathroom with Just One Product


We may be a cleaning products company, but even we know cleaning your bathroom can be overwhelming. 

Between the shower, the sink, the toilet, and tile floors, it can be hard figuring out where to start when cleaning your bathroom. Add in the infinite number of bathroom cleaning products on the market, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Thankfully, we have some good news: you can clean your bathroom with just one product. No need to invest in separate cleaners for each part of your bathroom. Get ready to simplify your bathroom cleaning routine by using Oxi Boosters to clean the entire room. Here’s your ultimate lazy guide to cleaning your bathroom!

What is Oxi Booster?

What exactly is an Oxi Booster? It’s our most powerful pod. Oxi Booster Pods are designed to be the ultimate stain fighter while still being all-natural, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. Made from chlorine-free bleach, our pods are color-safe and will eliminate odors and brighten white surfaces like tile, toilets, and sinks. The pod form allows you to use Oxi Booster in over 100 different ways–and gives you the ability to customize the concentration and texture by dissolving it in different amounts of water, depending on what you are cleaning. It’s the ultimate cleaning secret weapon.

First Things First

Be sure to dust and vacuum! Removing built up dust and hair will make the deeper cleaning easier–and prevent a wet, sludgy mess (gross, but true). You may also want to take this time to throw your bath mat and shower curtain liner in the washing machine. There’s nothing like fresh linens in a clean bathroom!

How to Clean a Toilet

  1. Remove any items that are on or around the toilet.
  2. Drop an Oxi Booster Pod into the toilet bowl, and let it dissolve.
  3. Dissolve a second Oxi Booster Pod in a bucket of warm water–we recommend one pod per gallon of water.
  4. Using gloves to avoid irritating your hands, dip a sponge or Swedish dish cloth in the Oxi solution and use it to clean the exterior of the toilet. Be sure to wipe down the base, both parts of the seat, and the flush handle.
  5. Once this is done, you can return to the toilet bowl, where the Oxi Pod should be fully dissolved. If it is taking longer, feel free to clean other areas of your bathroom and then return!
  6. Use your toilet brush to thoroughly scrub inside the toilet bowl, then flush. Your toilet should look as good as new!

How to Clean the Sink

  1. Start by cleaning the countertop surrounding the sink with a sponge or Swedish dish cloth dipped in Oxi Booster Solution. Cleaning the counter will inevitably knock dirt or dust into the sink, so leave the inside of the sink for last.
  2. Scrub off all soap scum and toothpaste residue from inside the sink, rinsing the sponge as you go along.
  3. Be sure to pay special attention to the faucet and faucet handles. Our teardrop shaped sponge is perfect for getting into those little creases and corners!

How to Clean the Shower

Oxi Booster solution can be used to clean all parts of a shower or tub! You may want to put your Oxi Booster solution in a spray bottle to help coat the shower walls. Allow the solution to sit and do its magic before rinsing and wiping down with water. You can also scrub particularly stubborn stains or soap scum with a dish brush. The firm bamboo bristles are great for deep cleaning around the drain. You can also use a spritz of our Power Dish Spray to get those particularly troublesome spots sparkling.

How to Clean Grout

Grout can use a deep scrub to look its best.

  1. Create a concentrated paste out of our Oxi Booster Pods by dissolving the pod in a smaller amount of cold water.
  2. Once the paste has formed, use an old toothbrush, sponge, or scrubbing brush to work the solution on the dirty surface.
  3. Let the paste sit on the surface for 5-30 minutes before rinsing clean with cold water.
  4. Make sure you towel dry the area once it’s rinsed off.