Customer Support Charter

Who we are:

We’re Customer Support - the team you talk to first when you need help! Whether it’s a quick end to a bad first experience or a lifelong relationship with your new favorite brand (we strive to be the latter), Dropps is dedicated to bringing customer centricity to everything we do. From product innovation, to policy changes, to website design, the conversations you have with our team are our most valuable source of information and impact our daily actions as a company. 

At Dropps our mission is simple: make the world a better place, one Dropp at a time. We’ve transformed Cot’n Wash Inc.,a family business started decades ago, into a mission-based company dedicated to eliminating plastic waste, conserving water, and creating real environmental impact with each product developed. From packaging to ingredients to the way we communicate with you as a customer, transparency is a core pillar of our business (and that’s the honest truth!). We’re perfectly imperfect, a constant work in progress, and we count on you to hold us accountable and help us continue to improve. That’s where the  Support team comes in!

Every team member on the Dropps Support team has a story - aspiring actors, poets, illustrators, writers - and each and every one of us has at least one thing in common: we care about this planet and want you to too! We all had a life before Dropps, and together we make a group of individuals with diverse perspectives, ways of thinking, and ways of collaborating in providing the best experience for every individual customer. 

How we take care of our team (benefits):

We’re living in a time of major labor movements, and we love it! We’re proud to say, as customer-focused as we are, that we put all our employees at the same level of importance, our Support staff included! Fair wages, benefits, and flexibility for personal needs are at the heart of how we manage our Support team. We believe team members who feel taken care of and appreciated will in turn make you, the customer, feel the same way. Remember that transparency we brought up before? Here are some internal benefits we’re proud to guarantee to our Support team:

  • $22/hr starting hourly wage with a regular pay raise and performance bonus schedule
  • Company-sponsored life and short-term-disability insurances,
  • Voluntary supplemental life and dental insurances
  • Paid parental leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Team member individual growth & development program
  • Product discounts
  • Home internet stipend
  • Healthy living stipend for gym, massage, and health apps (part-time workers)
  • Home office stipend
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Health insurance coverage + HRA account for dental and vision
  • Upward mobility plan to turn entry level into a career path

Want to join our team? Keep an eye on our careers page here and submit an application when you see a good fit!

Our principles (what to expect from us):

We aren’t sales people. We won’t force you to stay with us and we won’t put you through the wringer to get simple answers to complicated questions. Instead you’ll hear suggestions for sustainable disposal of our products, details around what our products are made of, how to use them in ways that work for your home, and, most importantly, an honest, clear, and kind response to your questions (unless it’s about the meaning of life - we’re still working on that one).

How we engage with you:

Accessibility and equity are key components of providing equal and efficient service to everyone who interacts with us, customer or not. Many companies keep staffing low, and as a result may offer a phone number, or an email address as their primary (or only) points of contact, with wait times of 48+ hours for a first reply. At Dropps, we meet you where you’re at by offering as many ways to engage with us as possible. This includes outbound phone support, a contact submission form, email, social media, and a live chat widget with active agents ready to help 9-5 EST Monday through Friday. Our team also includes bilingual writers and speakers - if you feel uncomfortable speaking English as a first language, send us a message in Spanish and we’ll route you to one of our bilingual team members.

Is self-help more your speed? We cover that as well! During offline hours, our chat widget will route you to our 100+ FAQ articles that cover everything from managing your account, to our policies, to the best ways to use our products. You can also access our FAQ pages and our contact options through the footer of our website here!

What we expect from you:

Our team has varied stories, backgrounds, aspirations, and feelings - so when you engage with us, just like we engage with other companies in our time off, we like to keep things simple for us both! 

The devil is in the details as they say, so always be sure to include as much relevant info as possible in your very first message. This will help us get your inquiry resolved in a single reply and in a timely manner. We respond to every message that comes our way. Submitting multiple requests for the same problem will never result in a faster response, and will ultimately lead to slower response times for you and other inquiring minds!

Above all else, we ask in the same way our team members approach every customer with empathy, patience, and open ears, that our customers (potential and current) treat our support team with equal mindfulness. At the end of the day you want a cleaner home and planet, and we want to help you on that mission. Through respect and dignified communication we can get there together!

Inquiries that include discriminatory, violent, aggressive, and/or vulgar lanuguage towards our staff will not be tolerated. While we work tirelessly to diffuse and calm any situation we are presented with, we reserve the right to halt relationships with customers who are abusive to our team. We want Dropps in every home, so please be kind!

Have any feedback about our charter? Want more info on something you read? Let us know at - we’re here to help!