Common Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break


Here are five ways you may be sabotaging your own home's cleanliness.

We all have bad habits–but what about cleaning habits? At Dropps, we are always looking to make the cleaning easier, more efficient, and even more fun. Get ready to break these five common bad cleaning habits and bring your cleaning technique to the next level.

Overusing Paper Towels

That roll of paper towels may be handy, but the truth behind paper towels is darker than you may think. The average family uses two rolls of paper towels a week, which can cost nearly $200 a year–and contributes to the massive amounts of paper towel waste that ends up in our landfills. The solution? Replace disposable paper towels with reusable cleaning tools, like Swedish Dish Cloths or sponges. Swedish Dishcloths start out stiff and soften when wet, making them perfect for both small spills and heavy duty messes–and their superior absorbency means it’s easier to clean than ever. Better for your cleaning and the environment? Sign us up!

Overusing (and Combining) Cleaning Products

Using a lot of product may be satisfying, but it can be counter productive. Suds may look satisfying, but bubbles don’t clean—they are just trapped air. Additionally, using too much soap can leave behind a film that attracts dirt and grime. Combining different products can cause unintended reactions and create dangerous fumes. Always read the label on any given product to see how much should be used, and be careful when combining. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer!

Leaving Wet Towels and Shower Curtains Scrunched Up

This tip may seem small, but leaving wet towels or shower curtains scrunched up can lead to a big mess! Closing your shower curtain and hanging your towels promptly after showering helps air circulate and prevents the growth of mold or mildew. This is an easy step that makes a big difference! But don’t worry if you forget–that mildew smell can be knocked out easily by washing with Oxi Booster Pods.

Not Organizing Your Cleaning Tasks

Everyone has a different way they like to clean, but it’s a smart idea to consider when you do certain tasks. Rather than cleaning haphazardly, consider going through room by room or organizing your clean up by task. Certain tasks are better done before others. For example, you may consider dusting to be a final touch, but all that dust has to go somewhere! Try dusting before vacuuming to make sure that your home is as sparkling as can be.

Waiting Until It’s a Real Mess

This is one of the most common and hardest cleaning habits to break. Let’s face it–we’re all busy, and sometimes we don’t think about cleaning until the mess is overwhelming. However, doing a few little tasks every day will go a long way to prevent a big mess and the anxiety that comes with it. Whether washing your dishes right after using them, requesting your guests take off their shoes at the front door, or spraying down the shower with our Power Dish Spray, (or adopting a Sunday Reset Routine) these little maintenance moments are sure to be a huge help.