National Cleanup Day: How to Organize or Get Involved in a Cleanup


This September, take litter into your own hands (literally).

What is National CleanUp Day?

National CleanUp Day is an annual holiday that asks: what would happen if everyone picked up at least one piece of litter? National CleanUp Day is organized by Clean Trails and centered around the belief that people want to do the right things; all they need is a little encouragement or incentive. Celebrating National CleanUp Day is a way to encourage and introduce people to the joys of taking care of the world around them, with the hopes that they will then incorporate practices into their daily lives to make outdoor spaces cleaner, more self-sufficient, and (ultimately) more enjoyable. Want to learn how to find a cleanup to get involved with, or how to organize a cleanup yourself? Read on to find out!

How to Find a Cleanup Near You

The best way to get involved is to support existing efforts. Organization websites like National CleanUp Day and maintain active directories of existing volunteer opportunities. You can also ask your local mutual aid network about any regular cleanups in your area!

How to Organize a Cleanup

No existing cleanups or organizations near you? Why not organize one yourself? Follow these four steps and learn how to organize a community cleanup!

1. Gather a Team

Assemble a group of people, either through an existing organization like your local mutual aid network or from within your personal community and social circles. The more people on board, the better!

2. Pick a Cleanup Site

Determine the location you’ll be cleaning up. Is it a river? A park? The sidewalks in your neighborhood? Pick an area you think needs some TLC.

3. Acquire Supplies

Most of the tools of the cleanup trade can be acquired at your local store! Grab some garbage bags, heavy duty gloves, and trash pickers or grabbers.

4. Spread the News!

Now that you’ve organized it, it’s time to let people know about the cleanup! You can make an online event page, a graphic to post on social media, or even send out an old fashioned email to let people know about the time and place. Now, let’s make our communities beautiful!