Dropps Top 5 Cleaning Guides!


Back-to-school season isn’t just for kids! At Dropps, we believe in lifelong learning–and the start of the school year is the perfect time to learn something new. That's why we've handpicked our top 5 cleaning guides with some essential tips and tricks for cleaning novices and seasoned stain fighters everywhere!


1. How To Wash a Baseball Hat

From misshapen brims to fast-fading colors, washing hats is tricky. We break it all down for you so your hats will look good as new!


2. Get Your Whites Whiter Without Bleach

Are your white pants, capris, or shorts starting to look a little less crisp? Are they slowly slipping away to an off-white existence? Don't worry, we're here to help.


3. 5 Dry Clean Only Items You Can Wash At Home!

Believe it or not, most clothes with a "dry clean only" tag can actually be washed at home. Save time, save money, and save your clothes by washing these five items at home!


4. How to Deodorize Your Washing Machine

Open the lid, take a whiff. If you’re wishing you hadn’t just done that, then it’s time to wash your washing machine. It’s easier than you may think, and will help keep your clothes as clean as they can be.


5. Dryer Settings 101

Figuring out which dryer setting to use doesn't have to be torturous! Here’s a reference guide for what to use and when.