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Our Promise

Dropps is committed to delivering great cleaning to our customers in the safest, most convenient way possible.



Our products deliver superior cleaning without a laundry list of harmful ingredients. Dropps has always been at the forefront of innovation in the household cleaning category, having been the first company to introduce unit dose laundry detergent pacs, and efficacy is a top priority. 


Our mess-free, feather-weight detergent pacs are filled with super-concentrated cleaning magic. Pre-measured for foolproof cleaning, the dissolvable pacs waste nothing. Perfect for busy parents, dorm-dwellers, and anyone else who can't be bothered measuring, pouring and weightlifting the big-bottle brands. 


Talk about a smaller footprint! We use less water, use way less plastic, take up less space, cost much less to ship and leave tremendously less mess in our landfills. You’ll agree... every pac counts! 

The simple switch from giant jug detergents to Dropps immediately shrinks the footprint you leave behind on the environment.