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Whether by choice or circumstance, tiny living has taken off across the globe, and the needs of full-sized inhabitants in small spaces have changed.  Just like you, we’re all about options, and thankfully we’ve got you covered with our Small Loads Laundry Detergent Pods!

With the same Dropps cleaning power as our full sized pods, Small Loads are the perfect option for those squeezing into small situations.  Living in a tiny apartment? Travelling in an RV? How about a full blown tiny house? There are plenty of situations that call for a smaller washing machine or hand washing, and Small Loads Pods are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Convenience and flexibility are at the heart of Dropps, and Small Loads will provide just that!  Why wash with the same amount of detergent as a full family if you’re rolling with an empty nest?  You won’t have to make a pitstop at the laundromat on your next roadtrip; just Dropp a pod in your mini machine or sink and let our signature cleaning power kick the dirty right out of your fabrics!   

Not living in a small situation yet, but thinking about making a lifestyle switch? Consider these tiny washing machines for your efficient and eco-friendly future!


[Photo: Don Shreve]

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