Unexpected Uses for Power Dish Spray


Power Dish Spray goes above and beyond just cleaning the dishes in your sink.

Here at Dropps, we seek to eliminate the B.S. and make simple, incredible products that are good for your family, the planet, and the messes in your home. Dropps Power Dish Spray does an incredible job of scrubbing even the dirtiest dishes–but what else can it do? Here are five unexpected uses for our Power Dish Spray.

Clean your Sink

Doing dishes can be messy business! Once your dishes are clean and away, spritz the inside of your sink and wipe it down with a wet Swedish Dish Cloth. Any remaining messes will be washed away, leaving your sink as sparkling as your silverware.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Did you know our Power Dish Spray also works as a surface cleaner? The small glass bottle is great for cleaning any room in your house. Once a week, take some time to wipe down counters and tabletops. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your house tidy and prevent the need for a deep cleaning disaster down the line!

Use as a Bathroom Cleaner

It happens to the best of us–we’re in the middle of cleaning and we realize we’re out of our usual product. While Oxi Booster Pods are a great multi-use cleaning product for the bathroom, running out of pods isn’t an emergency when you have Power Dish Spray. You can spray the solution in the toilet to use as a toilet cleaner, or use it in the tub to help remove that stubborn soap ring stain.

Stain Remover

Have a stubborn stain but unsure what to use as a spot treatment? No need to worry! Dish Soap can be used on most stains and fabrics as a stain remover in a pinch. Whether you splash cooking oil on your clothes or a chocolate bar melts in your child’s pocket, applying Power Dish Spray to the stain before washing should help it seem like the accidents never even happened.

Clean your Stovetop

Power Dish Spray cuts through stuck on food and grease on your dishes, so why not use it to clean your stovetop? Make sure your stove is turned off and cool. Remove the grates and wash them by hand in the sink. Spray the stovetop with Power Dish Spray, then wipe with a damp Swedish Dish Cloth. You can also use a Kitchen Brush to help remove any stubborn stuck on food!