Join Our Carbon Neutral Community on UCapture


Join the Dropps Carbon Neutral Community on UCapture

Last year, Dropps introduced you to UCapture, a clean-tech company that makes it easy for anyone to shop carbon neutral, at no extra cost, with 30,000+ online stores – including Dropps.

We’re so pleased that over 200 of our customers took the opportunity to join our Carbon Neutral Community on UCapture.  So far, our community has offset over 500,000 pounds of CO2!

That means our customers have generated a positive environmental impact equal to eliminating 25,000 gallons of gasoline – for free – just by using UCapture.

To take part in this great initiative, visit:

Then, install UCapture on your computer and continue to browse the internet and shop like normal. UCapture will also provide you discount codes so you can save money and help save the planet!

Dropps is proud to collaborate with UCapture as clean-tech partner in our mission to become a carbon neutral company. We hope to empower you – our customer – on your own carbon neutral journey.

 Join Our UCapture Community!