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Towels are an item in your home that get quite a bit of use day-to-day. They dry you off after a long shower, they keep you warm, they tousle your hair! But have you been able to find the best way to wash them for long lasting softness and durability? We’re laying out another How-To today, all about how to achieve the best wash for any type of towel you use in your home.

A step-by-step:

  1. Sort the towels you need to wash into two piles: white towels, and colorful ones. We’re going to wash these separately, as washing them together will lead to subtle discoloration over time.
  2. Wash colorful towels in cold water to save energy. White towels can be washed in cold water as well, or in hot water if they need a bit of brightening!
  3. To soften towels, try our Fabric Softener pods! We recommend tossing this into your wash only every third or fourth wash to prevent buildup. 
  4. If musty odors refuse to wash out, try washing the towels with ½ cup of baking soda sans detergent, then rewash the towels with detergent.
  5. When pulling towels out of the wash, shake them out and toss them into your dryer. Add Wool Dryer Balls to encourage quicker drying and a fluffier outcome. For an extra scent, drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the wool balls! 
  6. Make sure the towels are completely dry before removing them from the dryer. Towels take longer to dry than clothes and even a hint of lingering moisture can cause odor.

A Few Don’ts:

Don’t worry about adding Fabric softener. This can coat the fibers with residue and inhibit water absorption over time. (The dryer balls should make the towels soft enough!

Don’t let wet towels sit in the washing machine too long after a wash.

Don’t overload your washer! Towels can be heavy, and too many packed in at a time can prevent proper rinsing, with detergent lingering in each article.

Don’t toss wet or damp towels into a hamper or laundry basket. (Letting them sit is how they develop that musty, mildewy odor. Yuck!)

A Few Do’s:

Do dry on low heat. Overheating leads to stiffer towels!

Do hang up your towels after each use to help them dry properly and prevent odor.

Do wash your towels every 3-4 days for optimal hygiene! 

We know that you can clean your towels by simply tossing them into the washing machine, but we hope that with these tips you’ll be able to achieve a longer-lasting effect. With the proper washing and drying techniques, you can avoid musty odors, faded colors, fabric deterioration, and feel the fluffy effect for years to come. Stay calm and wash on!!


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