Spring cleaning might not sound like a good time, but for many it’s a welcomed chore. That’s because it means we can say good riddance to winter.

spring cleaning tips from Dropps

There are a couple of ways to approach your spring cleaning. You could do it all at once by setting aside one weekend and attacking your home from top to bottom. Or you could it in stages, dedicating several days or weekends throughout the month for the various chores. You could also hire someone and go sit on your patio with a book and an umbrella drink.

If spring cleaning is a DIY task for you (hopefully you have some helpers), here are some handy resources we’ve found that will help you divide and conquer so you don’t end up cleaning for an entire season.


You can’t go wrong with Martha Stewart’s advice on spring cleaning. Check out her downloadable checklist.

Get the kids involved! This kid-appropriate list from will make your life easier.


Get your checklist on your phone with the spring cleaning checklist app.

Make cleaning more manageable with the family-friendly apps like Chore Bank and Clean Freak.


Going green this year? This article has all kinds of earth-friendly ideas for cleaning your home.

Speed through the cleaning with these tips from the author of the best-selling book, Speed Cleaning.

One more thought on spring cleaning—over at the popular cleaning blog, FlyLady, there’s an interesting idea that we can do away with spring cleaning for good. Read the post; this idea sounds like a dream come true!