Zero B.S. Home: Top 4 Laundry Myths


Laundry day can be a daunting task, with so many unanswered questions: Do I wash towels separately from my clothes? Does using extra detergent get my clothes cleaner? Does dry cleaning actually dry? 

Our friend Julian Thomas is here to help you out. In today’s episode of “Zero B.S. Home” we’re talking about washing colors. Watch the full video below, or scroll down to read our tips and tricks! 

Does Extra Detergent Get Clothes Cleaner? Nope. Not only is this myth hard on the environment due to waste, but it’s also useless and pretty expensive. Using just one round of the recommended amount of detergent will give you all the cleaning power you need. Unless there are major stains involved, in which case a little pre-treatment should do the trick. Check out our entire Stain & Odor line here

Can you wash towels and clothes together?

Many people like the idea of doing this because it can combine loads, saving time, water, and energy. However, our fabric care experts here at Dropps know that washing towels and clothes together isn’t the best idea. Here’s why:

“Towels are notorious for being huge lint producers! If you wash a load of fairly new towels, you’ll notice that there is an enormous amount of lint in the dryer screen afterwards.” - Dr. Karen Iveson, Chemist at Dropps.

Imagine that lint getting trapped on your delicate clothes, your corduroy, or your favorite sweater! It’s a nightmare to remove. Another reason is that towels always need to be washed on hot and on a long wash cycle. Towels collect and absorb our bacteria and skin cells each time we use them, so the sanitation required for them to become clean again is unique from the clothing that we wear after our towels have done their job!

The dryer’s heat will always shrink your clothes

If you’re working with shrinkable materials, there’s a way to make sure your clothes don’t come out two sizes too small, and that’s by pulling the items out of the dryer just before the cycle is complete. It’s not the heat that’ll shrink the fabrics; it’s the dryness, so swiping those items before the big finish will help avoid a micro-fit mess. And why not throw some of the XL Dryer Balls in there while you’re at it? These bad boys will soften, de-wrinkle, and reduce the drying time. Good for 10,000 loads!

You don’t need to wash your clothes after every time you wear them

When you take your clothes off at the end of the day, give them a little whiff. If they pass the sniff-test, they are good to go! Jeans are generally made of sturdy material that doesn’t need to be washed after each wear (and they fade in color each time you do!) Re-wear pajamas until they no longer smell clean, or you do a load of laundry (Whichever comes first).

Pro-tip: Wear an apron while cooking! It’s not just a timeless accessory, but can keep stains off of your normal clothes, giving you the opportunity to wear them again before washing! 

There you have it! Our most frequently asked laundry questions and myths answered and debunked! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow and subscribe to Dropps on Instagram and YouTube, to keep up with this series!