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We're already thoughtful about how our company impacts the environment, but by partnering with Clearloop we’re also doing something about that leftover carbon footprint.

So, how does it work?
We partner with Clearloop to expand access to clean energy by funding the construction of new solar projects.
We’re reclaiming 100% of the carbon footprint of the shipping of all of our products, as well as the electricity use of all of our employees working from home in 2021 by expanding access to clean energy to four homes in Jackson, TN. By taking action now, we’re working to provide a ray of sunshine to our customers, employees, and communities across the country today. With our investment, neighborhoods in places like Jackson, TN will now have access to clean energy for the next 40 years.

First, we had to measure our carbon emissions: 1.3 million pounds of carbon (CO2)
We measured the carbon footprint of all of the products we expect to ship in 2021, as well as the carbon footprint of the electricity all of our employees will be using by working at home this year, which takes into consideration the carbon footprint of the grid mix where they live.

Instead of ignoring it because we can’t really see it, we decided to invest in cleaning up our electricity grid - one of the top polluters in our economy - and fund the construction of new solar projects that expand access to clean energy here in the United States.

Second, we decided where to invest our clean energy.
Clearloop helped us identify a community in their home state where we could help clean up the grid. Powering up with them meant we were able to reclaim 1.3 million pounds of carbon by building 50 new solar panels. We sent that clean energy to Jackson, Tennessee.

We are adding more than 20,000 watts of power to Clearloop’s 1 million watt goal to help power 200 homes in Jackson, TN with clean energy for the next 40 years.

Third, we'll track our progress as we clean up the grid.
The best part of reclaiming our carbon footprint today is making carbon a relic of the past, and we get to see it as we clean up the grid. As part of our commitment, we want to be accountable to all by being transparent. That is why we’re not only tracking the investment in the construction of the new solar project in Jackson, TN, we’re also working with Clearloop to integrate tracking into our [Jackson] project so we can see our investment at work.

Our commitment to powerful cleaning from nature extends to the grid. Check our progress throughout the year, as we break ground and flip on the switch with Clearloop. You can track our progress in real time here and even reclaim your own carbon footprint!


Legal disclaimer: When a product earns the Clearloop 100% reclaimed carbon warranty, the product’s total carbon footprint has been “reclaimed”, or accounted for, by funding new solar capacity in the United States that over their lifetime will displace the equivalent amount of carbon from traditional electricity production. In accordance with the FTC’s Green Guides, companies can make the claim as soon as the contract is signed stating that the facilities will be built within the mandatory 2-year window or otherwise disclosed by the marketer making the claim. To learn more visit here:

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