Tips and Tricks for Using Dropps Fabric Softener


You trust Dropps Laundry Pods to clean your clothes—but are you ready for your laundry to be softer, fluffier, and with an extra boost of your favorite scent? Dropps Fabric Softener Pods will be your new best friend. 

How are Dropps Fabric Softener Pods different from Traditional Fabric Softeners?

Traditional fabric softeners coat fibers with an icky, sticky coating. This coating makes fabrics seem soft, but ultimately just leaves irritating residue on your clothing that rubs against your skin all day. Dropps Fabric Softener Pods are a mineral based fabric softener, which makes them the perfect fabric softener for sensitive skin. That’s right—Dropps Fabric Softener is 100% mineral based (aside from scent). Trying to find the best fabric softener for your sensitive skin, or having trouble figuring out which fabric softener is vegan? Dropps is here to help. The pod is full of tiny minerals which flow through fabric, naturally softening fibers to make them oh-so-comfortable. 

How Do You Use Fabric Softener Pods?

If you’re used to liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets, Dropps Fabric Softener Pods may seem intimidating at first. Don’t worry, they’re easy to use. Simply add one Fabric Softener Pod to your wash, behind or underneath your laundry. The fabric softener should be placed in the machine at the start, at the same time as the laundry detergent. (That’s another benefit of our mineral formula—since it is a true softening, there is no coating to get washed away!)

Pro Tip: Experiment with scent! Our fabric softener pods come in a variety of scents, from Orange Blossom to Lavender Eucalyptus. You are welcome to match your fabric softener to your laundry detergent, but combinations can be a fun surprise! What is Clean & Crisp Laundry Detergent like with an extra boost of Orange Blossom Softener? How about with our limited edition scents, like Crisp Fall Air or Home for the Holidays? Finding your favorite scent combinations is a fun way to mix up your laundry routine and bring some excitement to your routine chores!

If you prefer unscented, don’t worry—there’s a pod for that too! Our Unscented Fabric Softener Pods have all the same softening benefits with no added scent. 

When Should You Use Fabric Softener?

Dropps Fabric Softener pods can be used with all fabrics! Unlike traditional fabric softeners, our pods actually help maintain the wicking performance of athletic wear, and help towels stay absorbent. You should use our fabric softener whenever you’re looking for gentle softening and an added light scent. For most of us? That means all the time. :) 

Do you have any lingering questions about Dropps Fabric Softener Pods, or a pro tip to share? Reach out to us on social and let us know!