The Most Unbelievable Stories Of People Who Saw Celebs In Stains

Ever heard of pareidolia? It’s a psychological phenomenon where people see familiar shapes, often fellow human beings, in inanimate objects, like that cloud in the sky that looks exactly like your childhood dog for a brief moment or those rock formations on the moon that make it look like a face.

Perhaps not surprisingly, stains of all sizes are the sources of a lot of these sightings, which is part of the reason why the Rorschach Test is still a useful indicator of what’s on a person’s mind. Here are few of the craziest celeb spottings (pun!) people have reported over the years.

That’s one messy messiah!

One Florida mother felt especially blessed the day her baby’s poo diaper came out looking like Jesus. Yes, really. She shared a shot of her son’s nappy stain on social media, and wrote, “It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I’d see it. Hard to miss what’s right there in front of you.” Churchgoers do often say “the Lord works in mysterious ways” and all, but this might be a stretch. And a smelly one at that. The term “pew” suddenly makes so much sense.

Fabric softener saves in more ways than one.

On a much cleaner note, the holy figure also took the form of a fabric softener splotch for someone else -- which is a much more sanitary way to present oneself from the beyond, for sure. 

Elvis Presley is just a hunka hunka burning wood?

The King has been the subject of an absolutely endless array of posthumous sightings for decades, so when a guy claims to have come across him lurking in a random wood stain, sure, why not? We just have to hope the finder didn’t go stepping on any blue suede shoes that day because he was obviously under supernatural surveillance.

Donald Trump’s making stain-glass windows great again.

One Redditor noticed a striking similarity between his church’s stained-glass saint and the 2016 Republican presidential nominee … minus the signature red ball cap, of course.

Zombie-infected toothpaste is the nightmare you’ve been waiting for.

An imgur poster shared a shot of her toothpaste stain that looks like a throwaway character from The Walking Dead or maybe even one of the apparitions from Poltergeist, and whatever you see, it’s spooky as heck, so someone grab the scrub brush and get it outta here already. Scream!

This Disney dog was accidentally brought to you by his four-legged fan.

One Redditor’s pooch had a wetting accident in the carpet and created an exact silhouette of Tramp from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. It's actually kind of an underappreciated talent he's got going on there. 

Who needs the Bat-Signal when you’ve got wall gunk to get the message across?

It also kinda looks like The Flash, no?

The Minnesota Iceman now has the floor.

Imagine this just showed up on your kitchen tiling and wouldn’t go away. Guess the animal didn't want to go on a world tour after all. That’s when ya gotta start a remodeling budget pronto.