Sustainability Roundup April 2021


Here's what we're reading this month:

Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is “missing” via Vox

"All of this plastic consumption — and the world’s inadequacy at containing it — means an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. It is remarkably difficult to track all of this plastic, but in 2019, a group of researchers affiliated with the Ocean Cleanup published a study about plastic debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch."


Gardening Just Twice a Week Improves Wellbeing and Prunes Your Stress, Says New Study via Good News Network

"The study from Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) surveyed more than 6,000 people, and results indicate that those who garden every day have wellbeing scores 6.6% higher and stress levels 4.2% lower than people who don’t garden at all."


The US electric power sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions via The Conversation

"So far 17 states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico have adopted laws or executive orders setting goals for reaching 100% clean electricity by 2050 or sooner. And 46 U.S. utilities have pledged to go carbon-free."


Combining solar panels and lamb grazing increases land productivity, study finds via

"This is believed to be the first study to investigate  under agrivoltaic systems, where solar  production is combined with , such as planting  or grazing animals."

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