How to Remove Underarm Odor From Clothes


Say goodbye to embarrassing scents that won’t quit with our step-by-step guide to how to remove underarm odor from clothes.

We've all been there: you put on a freshly laundered shirt, only to be greeted by an unwelcome companion—the lingering smell of underarm odor. It's like a persistent guest that refuses to leave the party. But fear not! You can uninvite that pesky smell with our guide to how to remove underarm odor from clothes for good.

What Causes Underarm Odor in Clothes?

Underarm odor in clothes is primarily caused by the bacteria that naturally reside on our skin. These bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, like the underarm area, and feed on sweat. As they break down sweat, they produce compounds that release that unpleasant odor. Additionally, the fabrics we wear can trap sweat and bacteria, amplifying the stink factor.

How to Remove Underarm Odor From Clothes

You don’t need to live with stinky pits! We’ll walk you through how to remove underarm odor from clothes, step-by-step.

Step 1: Pretreat The Stains

Before tossing your clothes into the washing machine, take a moment to pre-treat the underarm area. Apply a mixture of baking soda and water or a laundry detergent that contains enzymes, like Dropps Stain & Odor Laundry detergent, directly to the stained area. Gently rub it in and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Baking soda helps neutralize odors, while the enzymes in the detergent helps break down oils and bacteria that cause the stain and smell in the first place.

Step 2: Wash

When it's time to wash those odor-filled garments, use the hottest water setting recommended for the fabric to help kill the odor-causing bacteria. Add a laundry detergent that contains enzymes, which are specifically designed to break down proteins like sweat and body oils. We recommend using Active Wash. Dropps Active Wash contains extra enzymes to blast away even the most stubborn smells–perfect for getting body odor out of clothes!

Step 3: Dry

Harness the power of the sun by line-drying your clothes outdoors. Sunlight helps kill bacteria and naturally freshens fabrics. Hang your clothes in a sunny spot, and let the sun work its magic.

Can You Prevent Underarm Odor on Clothes?

When it comes to smelly underarms, prevention is key! Here are a few rules of thumb to follow.

Keep Up Your Hygiene

While a bit of sweat and odor can be perfectly normal–particularly when exercising–tending to your personal hygiene is the most impactful way to prevent body odor smell on clothes. Regularly showering, using deodorant, and thoroughly drying your underarms before dressing can help keep bacteria at bay.

Rotate Your Wardrobe

Avoid wearing the same garment multiple days in a row. Giving your clothes a break between wears allows them to air out and reduces the chances of bacteria buildup and odor.

Choose Natural Fabrics

Opt for natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Not only are these fabrics often more sustainable, they allow for better airflow and help wick away moisture, reducing the likelihood of odor development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about how to remove underarm odor from clothes? We’re here to help you body odor from clothes for good.

Why do my clothes still smell of BO after washing?

You washed your clothes right after your workout–so why do your clothes still smell of BO? The answer may be something we at Dropps call Permastink. Athletic clothing is commonly made out of tightly woven synthetic fibers. These materials are great a wicking sweat–but they’re also a pro at trapping odors. Many detergents are unable to cut through the tightly woven fibers, and instead, trap them deep in the fabric–only for the smell to return even stronger once you sweat. Luckily, permastink doesn’t have to be permanent. Dropps Active Wash was designed to remove body odor from clothes in a flash.

What neutralizes underarm odor?

Nature has some odor-fighting tricks up its sleeve. For instance, white vinegar is known for its deodorizing properties. You can add a cup of white vinegar or pretreat the stains with a mixture of vinegar and water to neutralize the odor.

Why do my armpits smell in certain clothes?

Certain fabrics may worsen underarm odor due to their ability to trap sweat and bacteria. Fabrics that don't breathe well or don't wick away moisture can create a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Tight-fitting clothes or synthetic materials may also contribute to increased sweat and odor.

Why do the armpits of my shirts smell after washing?

The armpits of shirts tend to retain more sweat and bacteria due to the body's natural perspiration and the presence of odor-causing bacteria in that area. If the shirts were not laundered properly, the sweat and bacteria may not be fully removed, leading to persistent odor. Not sure how to get smell out of armpits in shirts? Try pretreating the armpits of the offending garment before washing.

How do you get rid of body odor on clothes permanently?

Ready to learn how to get body odor out of clothes? Follow our guide above to remove the smells for good.