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Let's be real, the temperature is dropping way quicker than we were prepared for. It's time to break out the cozy socks, over-sized hoodies, and weighted blankets to lounge around the house in. Weighted blankets, not only provide added warmth on chillier nights, but they are also popular for their soothing, anxiety reducing effects when it comes to bedtime. Brands like Gravity, Luxome, and Casper all sell these cult-favorite blankets that are proven to induce relaxation and help achieve better sleep. Here at Dropps HQ, we have a quick and simple answer to: how to wash a weighted blanket? 

For starters, yes you can wash your weighted blanket in washer machine. However, we recommend using a front-loading washer and if your blanket is over 20 pounds, we recommend taking a trip to the laundromat to use a commercial washer instead to ensure your blanket will be fully cleaned without any wear or tear. 

Regardless of what fabric your weighted blanket is made out of, always follow these five rules. 

  1. Always wash on the gentle cycle. 
  2. Use cold or warm water.
  3. Never bleach your weighted blanket. 
  4. Don't use fabric softener on your weighted blanket. 
  5. Tumble dry low after washing. 

Here are some special tips based on the type of material of your weighted blanket! 

If your weighted blanket is made out of cotton... 

  1. Wash in cold water. 
  2. Wash in a load by itself, as too many cotton items can agitate the fabric.
  3. Skip the fabric softener.  
  4. Use gentle detergent. We recommend Dropps Sensitive Skin Detergent Pods
  5. Tumble dry on low heat. 

If your weight blanket is made out of fleece... 

  1. Wash in warm water. 
  2. Use gentle detergent. 
  3. You may use a fabric softener. We recommend Dropps Fabric Softener Pods, which also add a scent boost. 
  4. Air dry to reduce pilling of the fleece. 

If your weighted blanket is made out of flannel... 

  1. Wash in cold or warm water but never hot water. 
  2. Tumble dry on low heat but don't allow the blanket to stay in the dryer for too long after drying. 

If your weight blanket is made out of minky... 

  1. Use non-chlorine bleach along with a gentle detergent. We recommend Dropps Oxi-Booster pods
  2. Avoid hot water temperatures and hight heat as minky fabric doesn't tolerate heat well. 

If you want to significantly reduce the number of times you have to launder your weighted blanket, consider using a duvet cover to protect your blanket. Happy Washing! 


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