How to Clean a Dishwasher: A Quick & Easy Guide


Did you know that the machines that do the cleaning need to be cleaned too? Learn how to clean a dishwasher for the cleanest dishes ever.

That’s right, even your dishwasher needs some TLC every once in a while. And if your dishwasher isn’t clean, then it’s very likely that your dishes aren’t getting as clean as they could be. To make sure your dishwasher continues to run smoothly and effectively and to prevent any build-up of bacteria, grime, and dirt, we have two guides to cleaning dishwashers using what you already have in your house. Ready to learn how to clean a dishwasher? Read on!

How to Clean a Dishwasher with Vinegar and Baking Soda

1. Clear The Drain

Is your dishwasher not properly draining after the end of the wash cycle? It could be because food debris and grime is stuck in the drain. Remove the bottom rack of the dishwasher to reveal the drain. Remove any food and grime left behind with a wet Swedish Dish Cloth.

2. Get the Vinegar

Place a cup full of white vinegar in a dishwasher safe cup on the top rack.

3. Run the Cycle

Use a hot-water cycle. The white vinegar and hot-water will rinse away any grease and grime plus get rid of musty odors.

4. Get the Baking Soda

After the dishwasher cycle is complete, let the dishwasher completely dry. Then coat the bottom of the dishwasher with one cup of baking soda.

5. Run the Cycle Again

Use a short, hot-water cycle. The baking soda will take care of any remaining stains inside the dishwasher as well as add a fresh scent.

How to Clean a Dishwasher with Oxi or Dishwasher Pods

Not a fan of vinegar? There’s another, one-step solution: Dropps Oxi Booster or Dishwasher Pods! Add one Oxi or Dishwasher Pod to your empty machine, and run it on a hot cycle. The pod should clean the dishwasher in just one easy step!

How Often Do Dishwashers Need to Be Cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your dishwasher once a month. If you’re looking for added cleanliness, wipe down your machine (inside and outside) with a Swedish Dish Cloth after every use and leave the door open to allow for proper drying. Taking good care of your dishwasher will help ensure it works well for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about how to clean a dishwasher? We have answers!

What is the Best Way to Clean and Deodorize a Dishwasher?

There is not one best way to clean a dishwasher. You can clean it either with baking soda and vinegar or Dropps Oxi Booster Pods! Both provide an excellent clean, and you can even switch off between the methods if you would like.

Does Vinegar Ruin a Dishwasher?

Vinegar should not ruin your dishwasher when used in moderation. Excessive use of vinegar can begin to degrade rubber and damage the seal and gaskets in your dishwasher. You don’t want to add vinegar to the soap dispenser, but instead place a cup full of vinegar in the top rack. You can follow our instructions when washing your dishwasher with vinegar to prevent damage, or use Oxi Booster Pods for complete peace of mind.

How Do I Deep Clean my Dishwasher Without Vinegar?

Not sure what to use to clean the dishwasher without vinegar? Try using a Dropps Oxi Booster Pod or Dishwasher Detergent Pod. This one step cleaning product makes dishwasher cleaning a breeze.

Do Dishwashers Need to Be Cleaned?

A clean dishwasher is important for the life of your machine–and the cleanliness of your dishes! It is important to regularly clean your dishwasher. We recommend cleaning it once a month.