Dropps Impact Report 2021


Happy Plastic Free July! Here at Dropps, we have a vision for what home care can — and should — be. We believe that you can have it all: effective, eco responsible, and convenient products. Not one thing at the expense of another.

We are thrilled to announce our first ever Impact Report, which measures how well we are doing at our goals. Here are a few highlights!


Dropps Environmental Impact Strategy and Progress

In early 2021, we formalized our impact strategy. Our strategy is rooted in the following four goals.


Our ingredients, packaging, and operational decisions will be safe for human, animal, and environmental health and wellbeing.


Our ingredients and packaging choices will have a readily available and accessible biological or technical circular economy.


Our product design, pricing, sales channels, promotions, and business relationships will emphasize inclusivity and accessibility of our products.


Our voice will be used to advocate for our organizational beliefs and mission through deep customer engagement, expanding business relationships, empowering team members, and communicating our successes and goals via annual reports.



Our Safety and Circularity priorities and goals include:


  • Concentrated and minimal use of water
  • Safe for human, animal, and environmental health
  • Use of bio-based and plant-based ingredients Use of biodegradable ingredients
  • Vegan and not tested on animals
  • Palm-oil free

Primary and Secondary Packaging

  • Recycled, recyclable, compostable, and/or biodegradable


  • Operational choices that enable reuse and recycling of materials
  • Ethical sourcing and fair labor and operational practices
  • Operational choices that minimize or eliminate emissions
  • Responsible disposal guidance for all products


The Puffy Pod

Have you noticed our pods look a bit different lately? We introduced The Puffy Pod in 2021. We right-sized our pod mold to fill to specifications of a 9-gram pod. This benefited us in two ways:

  • We increased the number of pods on the drum by 33%, which resulted in a 25% decrease in energy used for a production run of the same volume
  • We were able to increase the number of pods derived from 1 lb of PVOH film by 33%


A Smaller Footprint Leaves a Big Impact

The numbers don’t life–every Dropps counts.


Dropps products have saved 1.6m liters of water and avoided the use of 3,927,326 plastic bottles in just 2021 alone! 

And There’s a Right Way To Do It All

As Dropps grows, we make sure to stay true to our values.

Commit to Sustainability

We incorporate the spirit of conservation in our actions and we are kind to the resources we are accorded with.

Celebrate Diversity

We cherish differences in thought, being, and expression, and we do not indulge in sameness.

Practice Inclusion

We aspire to give everyone a voice and a sense of belonging because we believe we are better together.

Lead with Simplicity & Transparency

We believe a clean product means a clean conscience — no nonsense, just the naked truth!

You can read the full Impact Report at