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Are you looking for a fun DIY project to work on in quarantine? Cut down on waste and transform the empty glass jars you have lying around your home into aesthetically pleasing containers! 

The first step in styling your jars is removing the sticker. Fill a bowl up with hot water. Add soap and let the jar soak in the water for an hour. After the jar is done soaking, it will be much easier to peel off the label and its remnants. If you are not able to completely remove the adhesive, white vinegar should do the trick. Pour a small amount on a cloth and wipe the jar until it is clean. 

Now that the labels are off it is time to organize! Here is our list of 8 practical ways to effectively repurpose your jars. 

Desk Supplies Storage

Keep your desk organized by storing your pencils, pens, markers, erasers, paperclips, binder clips, and highlighters in their own glass jars. 

Food & Candy Storage

Spice up your kitchen by keeping candy, cookies, condiments, and cooking/baking ingredients (flour, sugar, spices, cilantro, garlic) in glass jars. Switching to glass jars saves space and adds flair. You can label the jars to quickly find what you're looking for. 

Sewing Supplies Holders

Revamp your sewing area by using glass jars to hold your buttons, thread, bobbins, seam rippers, knitting needles and other sewing tools. 

Toiletry Organizers

Instead of just throwing your toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, makeup, nail clippers, cotton balls, and more into your bathroom cabinet or drawers, freshen up your space with glass jars! You can sort your belongings and keep them from getting dirty and it makes for a nice aesthetic on your vanity. In keeping up with Plastic-Free July, try these eco-friendly bathroom products to help reduce your single-use plastic. 

Make a DIY Vase

Brighten up your home with flowers! It’s so simple! Make sure your jar is clean, fill it with water, and put in some flowers. This simple gesture can boost your mood! Flowers spark happiness and joy according to Thrive Global.


Do you have some extra potting soil laying around? You can make a jar herb garden by filling your empty jars with soil and planting your favorite herbs. Jar gardens are kept indoors, so you will have fresh herbs all year round, making cooking more convenient! Here is a detailed post from HGTV on how to perfect your jar garden: How to Grow Herbs Indoors Using Mason Jars

Candle Holder/ Lantern 

Fill an empty glass jar with small pebbles and add a tapered candle. You can embellish the jar with fabric, ribbons, lace, or twine, and you will have an elegant yet inexpensive centerpiece or decoration for your home. Looking to make your own candle? Try this beginner tutorial

Dropps Organizers

Last but not least, spiff up your laundry room and kitchen by storing your Dropps in glass jars. The jars will help you maximize your space, the pods will be easy to access, and your home will look chic! 

Accessorize your jars with paint, glitter, fabric, photos, stickers, yarn, and more! Happy crafting!

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