Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer?


Can you put shoes in the dryer? We’ll teach you which of your kicks can withstand the tumble-dry and which settings to use.

We've all been there – soggy shoes after a sudden downpour or a mud-filled adventure. The thought of waiting days for them to air dry can be frustrating, especially when you need those trusty kicks for your next outing. But before you toss them in the dryer and hope for the best, let's lace up our curiosity and embark on a quest to answer the burning question: Can you put shoes in the dryer? We’ll show you the world of tumble-drying footwear, exploring which shoes can handle the heat and how to dry them safely and correctly. Let's jump right in!

Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer?

When it comes to the dryer, not all shoes are created equal. Some can handle the heat and rotation, while others might shrink, warp, or even lose their shape entirely. Let's examine a few key factors to determine whether your shoes can take the tumble-dry journey:

1. Material

Consider the shoe's material – some fabrics and materials are more tolerant of heat and movement than others. Generally, athletic shoes, canvas sneakers, and synthetic materials like nylon or polyester can withstand a trip in the dryer. (Some sneakers can even be washed in the machine!) However, it's best to avoid putting delicate, leather, suede, or fur-lined shoes in the dryer, as they require more gentle care.

2. Construction

Examine the shoe's construction. Sturdy, well-constructed shoes with durable stitching and solid soles are more likely to withstand the dryer's antics. Shoes that are already on the verge of falling apart or have loose parts should not be put in the dryer to avoid damage.

3. Check the Care Label!

Always check the manufacturer's label or care instructions on the shoe. This should tell you how best to care for your shoes, including whether they can be dried in a machine or not. When in doubt, follow the manufacturer's guidance.

How to Dry Shoes in Dryer

Now that we've established the shoes that can handle the dryer, let's uncover the secrets to safely and correctly drying them. Follow these steps to ensure a successful tumble-dry session:

1. Prepare

Remove any loose dirt, rocks, or debris from your shoes. Unlace them or remove any removable inserts to promote proper airflow and prevent damage.

2. Prevent Damage

A pair of shoes banging around in your dryer can risk damage to both your shoes and your machine. We recommend reducing the risk of damage by adding a layer of protection. Try placing each shoe in a separate pillowcase or a laundry bag. This step prevents the shoes from bouncing around the dryer, reducing the risk of damage and noise. Tie the pillowcase or bag securely to keep the shoes in place. You can also try padding the dryer with large towels to reduce the racket. If you have a front loading dryer, you can close the door on the shoelaces (keeping the shoelaces outside of the machine) so the shoes are unable to move freely during the cycle.

3. Choose a Gentle Setting

Set your dryer to a low or delicate heat setting. High heat can potentially damage the shoes or cause them to shrink. Adding a few towels or dryer balls to the load can help reduce noise and improve airflow.

4. Keep an Eye on the Time

Keep a close eye on the drying process. Start with shorter cycles and check the shoes intermittently. We recommend using the air dry setting to avoid high heat, which can cause shrinkage or warping. Remove the shoes from the dryer once they are mostly dry.

5. Air Dry

After removing the shoes from the dryer, let them cool down for a few minutes. Finish the drying process by allowing them to air dry naturally at room temperature. This step helps the shoes regain their shape and ensures complete dryness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more burning questions about how to dry shoes fast? We’re here to help with answers to any questions you may have about drying shoes in dryer.

How can I dry my shoes fast?

Looking to learn how to dry shoes fast? The dryer is going to be your best friend. Once you have determined your wet shoes are safe to put in the dryer, run the air dry cycle. Check on your shoes frequently–they should be dry within 20 minutes.

Can I put wet shoes in the dryer?

Can I dry my shoes in the dryer? It depends on the shoe! Use our above guide to determine whether your shoes are suitable for a tumble dryer. If your shoes are soaking wet, you may want to dry them with a rag before putting them in the machine.

How do you dry shoes in 5 minutes?

Drying shoes completely in five minutes is a challenging task, and, depending on the shoe, may not be possible. To dry your shoes as quickly as possible, first use a towel or swedish dish cloth to absorb moisture from the surface of your shoes, then place them in the dryer on the air dry cycle. If you do not have access to a dryer, or if the shoes should not be dried, place them in sunlight or in front of a large fan.

Is it bad to put shoes in a dryer?

While it is not necessarily bad to put shoes in a dryer, certain materials like leather and suede should be air dried to prevent damage. Use our guide above to determine whether your shoes are suitable for being put in a dryer. If they are not–or if the care label warns against it–play it safe and allow them to air dry!

Can you dry shoes in a tumble dryer?

Can you dry shoes in the dryer? It depends on the shoe! Use our above guide to determine whether your shoes are suitable for a tumble dryer. If they are not, we recommend air drying in the sun or in front of a large fan.