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How To: Caring for Linen


Linens love a good washing!

Linen is a phenomenal fabric for the summer with its soft and cooling feel heightened by its superb ability to wick sweat and liquids from the skin.

Here are tips to take the best care of your linen items!


Regular Washing

Linen loves a regular wash! Washing linen softens and gives it a “lived-in” look. Linen fabric is great at resisting dirt, more so than many other textiles, and with a thorough wash will look fresh every time.

-Before washing, always separate dark linens from white/off-white linens!
-Wash linen items separately from other materials, especially during the first wash, so that fibers that are released during a cycle will not end up on other fabric items.
-Medium temperature water, near 60°C (140° F), will penetrate stains while preserving the structure of the fabric. Too high of heat will tend to wear the linen out faster.
-Use a conventional machine wash with a fast spin!


    Stain Removers

    Stain removers work great with linen to lift heavy stains before a wash cycle. Be mindful to avoid bleach (and washing powders with bleach particles) because it will breakdown the fabric and causes natural colors to fade.

    -Rinse a stain with warm water as soon as possible!


      Avoid Creasing

      To avoid creasing, before washing a linen item for the first time, soak briefly in lukewarm water (pre-washing/soaking)! When washing, only fill washing machine half-way (small to medium load), so that all garments are thoroughly soaked! Great trick for linen garments, table linens and bed linens for first time use.

      -To press, use a hot iron while the linens are still slightly damp. No need to use starch!


        Hang Dry

        Statistics show that linens shrink 4-5% if dried naturally, and shrink nearly 10-15% if in repetitive hot tumble dry cycles.



        For fine hand-hemstitched items or delicate textiles, a low-temperature and low spin setting is recommended, or visit a dry-cleaner. Never tumble dry find hemstitched linens!

        To give your linens a gentle and thorough wash, use Dropps Laundry Detergent Pods!