The Truth About Liquid & Sheet Fabric Softeners


Thanks to all those cuddly bear commercials, you might think that traditional liquid & sheet fabric softeners are essential to keeping your clothes soft, and who could blame you? It's right there in the name. In reality, though, ordinary fabric softeners can be quite detrimental to the quality of your clothing items in a number of surprising ways:

When it comes to laundry care, fabric softeners are a staple in many households, offering that irresistible softness and freshness to our clothes. However, not all fabric softeners are created equal, and it's essential to peel back the layers to understand what we're really putting into our washing machines. In this discussion, we shine a light on the traditional liquid and sheet fabric softeners and introduce a game-changing alternative: a fabric softener made of bentonite clay and salt.

They reduce towel absorbency

Using liquid fabric softener on towels is generally not recommended. The reason lies in how fabric softeners work: they coat the fibers of the fabric with a thin layer of chemicals to make them feel softer and reduce static cling. However, this coating can also reduce the absorbency of the towels over time, which is counterproductive since towels are meant to be highly absorbent for drying off after a bath or shower.

They undermine sportswear, too

When used on performance fabrics with moisture-wicking properties, these softeners can clog the fabric's micro-pores, diminishing their ability to effectively draw moisture away from the body, which is crucial for maintaining comfort and performance during physical activities.

athletic apparel wicking performance fabrics

They can stain your clothes

If you don't want your clothes coming out of the wash with unexpected grease spots, you might want to steer clear of liquid or sheet fabric softeners because certain fabric blends are sensitive to the properties of softeners and can be left with an oily residue that's hard, if not impossible, to remove after the fact.

They can cause skin irritation

Conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets can contain chemicals such as quaternary ammonium compounds, which coat the fibers of the fabric to impart softness. This chemical coating, while effective in making clothes feel softer, can be a source of skin irritation and allergic reactions for sensitive individuals. 

soft fluffy towels

There's a solution!

Enter the prowess of bentonite clay and salt. Our Dropps fabric softener pods leverage these earth-derived ingredients to soften fabrics, not through sticky chemical coatings, but by conditioning the fibers. Bentonite, a naturally occurring mineral clay, has remarkable absorption and ion exchange properties, making it perfect for removing impurities and softening water – a key factor in achieving soft laundry. Salt, on the other hand, works to further soften the water and fabric, enhancing the washing process without the need for synthetic additives.