The Truth About Liquid & Sheet Fabric Softeners


Thanks to all those cuddly bear commercials, you might think that traditional liquid & sheet fabric softeners are essential to keeping your clothes soft, and who could blame you? It's right there in the name. In reality, though, ordinary fabric softeners can be quite detrimental to the quality of your clothing items in a number of surprising ways:

They destroy microfibers

Those tiny fibers that make your towels so soft and cozy on your freshly washed skin are actually more delicate than you might expect. But using fabric softener and liquid detergents on this fabric can destroy the properties that make microfibers, well, microfibers, leaving your towels less soft and effective in the process.

They undermine sportswear, too

Activewear items are usually made up of wicking fabrics that lift moisture from your skin to keep you dry during a workout, and using liquid or sheet fabric softeners on these items can and does clog the system, making your items less breathable and effective at stymying the sweat beads.

athletic apparel wicking performance fabrics

They can stain your clothes

If you don't want your clothes coming out of the wash with unexpected grease spots, you might want to steer clear of liquid or sheet fabric softeners because certain fabric blends are sensitive to the properties of softeners and can be left with an oily residue that's hard, if not impossible, to remove after the fact.

They can cause skin blemishes

It's not uncommon to hear of people experiencing body breakouts after using liquid or sheet fabric softeners on their clothes because the agents contained in the liquid is known to sometimes clog peoples' pores.

soft fluffy towels

There's a solution!

The good news is, Dropps offers a safe alternative that won't cause you these concerns. Unlike other brands, Dropps' mineral based formula flows through fabrics to fluff them up instead of coating those fibers with a waxy substance that can damage the items. Think of it as a meat tenderizer versus steak sauce sort of contrast--Dropps Fabric Softener Pods actually soften the materials, whereas other products merely glaze them over to create a false sense of comfort.