20 Life Hacks for Laundry Day


1.  Sort, sort, sort!

    Start laundry day off right by pre-sorting your clothes in separate laundry bins throughout the week! These easy DIY labeled laundry bags by The Pin Junkie keep everything organized to make laundry day easier. Want your laundry to be ready to pick up and go to the laundromat? Check out our Zero Waste Daniel bag!

    2.  Ditch the bulky jugs

    Instead of struggling with measuring caps-full of sticky, messy, liquid detergent, opt for detergent pods, perfectly measured for regular or small loads! Not only will you save valuable storage space in your laundry room, but you won’t waste any time measuring the right amount of detergent for each load—and cleaning up the messy spills after! With Dropps you only need one pod per load, due to our power-packed, highly concentrated formula. 

    Always remember to keep any detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers etc. out of reach of children; shelves are super easy to install and ensure that your hands will be the only ones getting into your laundry favorites.

    3.  Get creative with labeling

     Labeling is your best friend! Labels just make it so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (and keeps the kids’ curiosity at bay). Plus, labeling all of your laundry essentials can make teaching your kids how to do laundry a breeze!

    4.  Hang an over-the-door rack for easy storage

    Short on storage space in your laundry room? Don’t worry—we’ve got a solution! Over-the-door organizers like this one are perfect for keeping all of your cleaning supplies and laundry essentials in one place without all the clutter.

    5.  Or use a storage cart in between your washer and dryer

    Take advantage of that tough-to-use space between appliances! Some rolling carts are thin enough to fit between your washer and dryer but roll out easily for cleaning purposes!

    6.  Consult a handy stain removal guide

    Hang up a stain removal guide in your laundry room for quick consults when dealing with those tough stains! Take a peak at our online stain removal guide here!

    7.  Use a Quick Wash setting if your machine has one

    When you have smaller loads of laundry to do, or when nothing is too dirty, try using the Quick Wash setting to decrease the cycle time, giving you more time on your hands for fun weekend activities other than laundry.

    8.  Hang up a chalkboard for specific washing/drying instructions

    Make sure no one forgets which delicates are hand-wash only and which jeans cannot go into the dryer, no matter who is washing the clothes! Specify any particular washing or drying instructions on a cute DIY chalkboard—useful and decorative!

    9.  Set up a hand-washing station

    Seeing the words “Hand Wash Only” on a fabric care label can be a bummer when you’re in a pinch for time, but having a designated hand-washing station in your laundry room can cut down on time (and of course, stress!). Dedicate some shelf space near your sink or washbasin to some laundry essentials: Dropps Handwash Pods, Oxi Boost Pods, a soft-bristled laundry brush, and a few clean towels.

    10.  Keep everyone’s socks & undergarments in separate mesh bags

    Prevent the dreaded unintended sock-swap by keeping everyone’s socks and delicates in separate laundry-safe mesh bags during each cycle. Plus, this makes post-cycle sorting and folding a breeze for big families—just remember to label everyone’s bag!

    11.  Keep a jar for loose change & other pocket finds

    Keep a jar or container handy to store any pocket finds before tossing your laundry into the washer (and to remind everyone to empty their pockets regularly!).

    12.  Hang an adorable DIY sock collecting board

    No matter what, there are always a few socks that decide they’d rather not stick with the rest of the group. Make an adorable DIY clipboard like this one by Scrap Making to store them on while their partners wait to be found.

    13.  Toss a dryer ball in when washing bedding

    This super simple hack makes washing your comforters and pillows a breeze! No more fluffing out lumps and bumps or flattened pillows. Always remember to wash your pillows in pairs to avoid uneven distribution of the stuffing, and adding a wool dryer ball to keep them fluffy and even throughout the cycle!

    14.  Install a fold-out drying rack

    Install a fold-out drying rack for small laundry rooms! This definitely comes in handy when washing delicate fabrics, and it barely takes up any space at all!

    15.  Learn how to properly hang a sweater

    Stretched out sweaters are a thing of the past with this awesome tip! Check out this simple way to hang up your sweaters without any lumps or stretching.

    16.  Create a folding station

    Sometimes the tops of your washer and dryer can get a bit cluttered on laundry day, so put your mind at ease by creating your own folding station to switch dry clothes onto after each cycle. Either set up a small table in your laundry room or, for tighter spaces...

    17.  A fold-out ironing board!

    Like the drying rack, this is a great tip for small spaces. It can pull out for folding, ironing, and stacking clean clothes; once laundry day is over, just fold it right back up!

    18.  Make ironing fun

    We know ironing (and laundry day in general) can be a bore sometimes. Make good use of this lazy day chore by listening to your favorite audio book, watching a relaxing TV program or movie, or even jamming out to some music!

    19.  Keep sweaters pill-free

    Keep your favorite sweaters looking brand new with this easy hack! Pilling happens when the fibers of your clothing shrink and stretch during washing, so always prevent it with a gentle detergent that protects the fibers of your clothes. Already have pilling? No problem—use a sweater stone to gently lift the excess pilled fabric.

    20.  Keep labeled bins for everyone in the family to make for easy pick up

    This little trick is good for two things: easier sorting after cycles and having everyone collect their own laundry! Keep them stored in extra cabinet space or stack them neatly in a corner.

    Happy Washing!