Wine & Dine: Fabulous Valentine's Day Pairings

Photo: Trip Advisor


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and love is in the air! And to celebrate, we’ve come up with some delicious wine pairings so that you can have your own at-home elegant wine tasting with friends, family, or loved ones!


Merlot & Dark Chocolate

California Merlots tend to be on the sweeter, fruity side, with lots of velvety berry notes. These pair very well with rich, dark chocolate! (Photo: Baker by Nature)

Cabernet Sauvignon & Berries

A full-bodied red like Cabernet tastes great when paired with equally bold and darker fruits like blackberries, plums, and raspberries.

Pinot Noir & Caramels or Milk Chocolate

Sweet treats like caramels or milk chocolate bring out the fruitiness in a lighter red wine like Pinot Noir!

Pinot Grigio & Soft, Mild Cheese or Melon

Pinot Grigio is typically light, crisp, and dry, which makes it a perfect partner for a soft, mild cheese like Brie. Also, the fresh, light flavor of any type of melon helps bring out the sweeter flavors in the wine.

Chardonnay & Hazelnuts

The buttery notes in oak-aged Chardonnays are super tasty when paired with toasted hazelnuts and similar nutty flavors. Did someone say Nutella?!

Rosé & Fruit Tarts

Both drier blush wines and sweeter, sparkling rosés are perfect with not overly sweet fruit tarts.

Moscato & Orange, Peach, or White Chocolate

The sweetness of Moscato pairs very well with summer fruits flavors like orange and peach. In addition, the sweet, buttery flavor of white chocolate is a great fit for Moscato!

Champagne or Sparkling Wine & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Last, but not least, the forever classic pairing. The sweetness of milk chocolate and the mild tartness of strawberries taste amazing with a semi-sweet sparkling wine. Champagne, while on the drier side, works best with a darker chocolate.


What to do if some of your delicious pairings end up on your V-Day outfit? Check out our Stain Removal Guide for tips & tricks on how to remove chocolate and wine stains in no time!


Happy Valentine’s Day!