5 Ways to De-Stress (Naturally!)

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Sometimes after a long week, your body and mind are both worn down and you can just feel that ugly knot of anxiety forming in your stomach. We all know the feeling, but don’t let the everyday stressors get the best of you! Take some time just for yourself to decompress and get back to feeling your very best. Here are some easy (and natural) ways to keep you feeling relaxed no matter what.



Doing light activity and meditation like yoga calms the mind and body, releases tension, and is a great way to stay in shape. Try some of these easy yoga poses to relax and relieve stress. According to Yoga Journal, positions that stretch the spine and shoulders like the dolphin pose help to relieve headaches and back pain, alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and put the mind at ease.


Fresh Air

Being active can definitely help soothe the mind, but getting some fresh air during a workout (especially as spring weather approaches) helps to boost your mood and leave you feeling overall refreshed. According to Transcendental Meditation experts, “a deep breath of fresh air will replenish your cells with oxygen and release endorphins.” And even if you can’t make it outdoors for a quick walk or some yoga, just opening a window and focusing on the nature greatly helps calm yourself.



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The power of fragrance is truly underrated—just a few drops of essential oil can completely alter your mood and mindset. You can use a lavender scent booster when washing your clothes so that calming fragrance stays with you throughout your day, light your favorite scented candles, or fill your shower with a relaxing scent to unwind at night. According to Mind Body Green, rose oil is ideal for stress relief, lavender builds solidarity and strength from within, and ylang ylang releases anger and frustration.


Cuddle Up

Whether you’re snuggling up next to a significant other, your child, or even a furry four-legged friend, that contact is enough to release oxytocin and endorphins that help to reduce stress and make you feel happier and relaxed. Plus, stress management coach Catherine Connors says that increased oxytocin levels can even have long-term health benefits like reduced blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease.


Get Creative

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Art, in any form, has therapeutic benefits that help to reduce stress and anxiety. Next time you’re feeling anxious, turn to journaling, scrapbooking or even coloring! Being productive and putting your mind to something that appeals to your artistic side requires a kind of focus that takes you away from everyday stressors and leaves you feeling positively about yourself and your creations.



We hope these strategies help relieve some tension so you can focus on being the best you possible!