It’s Ugly Sweater Season! How to Care for Your Favorite Festive Knits


 The holidays are quickly approaching, and those “ugly” sweaters are everywhere to be found. But holiday parties mean looking your best (even in your “ugliest” gear) so we’ve rounded up some tips on how to keep your favorite knits looking fresh all season long!


How to Wash a Holiday Sweater


-Turn your sweater inside out before washing to protect any embellishments.

-If there are any hanging or loose decorations, we recommend only spot cleaning or hand washing. Fill your sink or wash basin about halfway with cool water, drop in a Dropps Small Loads Laundry Detergent Pod, and let it fully dissolve. Dip a clean washcloth into the solution and gently rub any stains, rinsing frequently. If there are no bulky or loose ornaments, toss your sweater into the solution and hand wash gently. Be careful not to wring the fabric, or it could cause stretching! Gently press the water out once it is fully rinsed, and lay flat to dry.

-If your favorite holiday sweater is machine-washable, make sure to use the gentle cycle to avoid any extra agitation. Remember to always use a gentle detergent to keep your sweater looking festive and bright, and a mineral based fabric softener to keep you soft and cozy all season long!

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