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You Can Clean THAT in a Dishwasher?

If you’ve been looking for ways to save time on your chores, look no further than your dishwasher. This handy appliance is more versatile than you think. Not only does it take on dirty dishes and cutlery like a pro, it can also clean and sanitize some of the most unexpected items—items that would normally take a good bit of elbow grease and a huge chunk of time from you to get clean. Just pop them into the dishwasher on a normal cycle and walk away.

Unusual items you can put in the dishwasher:

Hair accessories, combs, plastic brushes – remove all hair to prevent clogging the dishwasher

Makeup brushes

Plastic light switch plates

Knobs – oven knobs, cabinet knobs (ceramic)

Plastic toys

Sports gear: mouth guards, shin guards, knee pads – place in top rack

Sponges and kitchen scrubbing brushes

Vegetable brushes

Baseball caps – keep them from getting misshapen by running them through a cycle in the dishwasher on the top rack

Toothbrush holders and soap dishes

Refrigerator shelves and drawers

Vent covers

Window screens

Potatoes – yes, according to Real Simple magazine, you can skip scrubbing potatoes by hand by washing in the dishwasher instead. Run on a normal cycle without detergent.


So what will you do with all that time you’ve saved? Tackle the mess in the laundry room? Get control of the junk drawer in the kitchen? Or maybe you should tackle a glass of wine while getting control of the couch in the living room.