5 Tips to Deodorize Running Shoes for Good


Running can be fun, good for your heart, and a great stress reliever. Taking your sweaty shoes off after a long run, on the other hand, can be quite a downer. Sweaty feet are inevitable, but smelly shoes don’t have to be! Want to learn how to deodorize running shoes? Here are five tips to keep your running shoes fresh, stink-free, and ready for your next adventure.

Prevent Permastink

The best way to fight stinky shoes? Try to prevent the smell in the first place! Always wash your feet thoroughly and make sure they are completely dry before putting on your shoes to help prevent bacterial growth. Keep a stash of clean dry socks (moisture wicking is a plus!) and, if you’re a really avid runner, consider investing in a second pair of sneakers. 

Give Them a Wash

Just like your laundry, your running shoes can benefit from a good wash! Grab a Laundry Detergent Pod and check out our guide to washing running gear for the full scoop.

Try a Deodorizer

Looking to clean your shoes without giving them a full wash? Sounds like it’s time for a deodorizer! Good news: odds are you already own our favorite! The best running shoe deodorizer, in our opinion? Baking Soda! Baking Soda is a tried and true running shoe deodorizer that helps neutralize acid left behind by stinky bacteria. Sprinkle some of the powder in your shoes and let sit overnight. Your shoes will be fresh, clean, and ready to roll come morning!

Pro Tip: Don’t want to deal with a baking soda mess in the morning? Make a pouch out of a thin cloth, an old pair of tights, or coffee filter! This will keep the baking soda contained and easy to remove in the AM.

Keep Them Dry

Nice, sunny weather is great for a long run—and your shoes will appreciate it too! After a run, place your shoes in the sunlight. The sun will dry out your shoes, discourage smelly bacteria growth, and add an extra zap of freshness!

Toss Them in the Freezer!

Wait, what? That’s right—freezing your shoes is a great way to kill bacteria and keep them smelling fresh. Simply put your shoes in a bag or pillowcase and place them in the freezer for a few hours. The bacteria won’t survive the chilly climate; just remember to let your shoes defrost before wearing!