13 Best Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters


If you notice holes, tears, or other blemishes in your sweaters, don’t throw them out! There are so many things you can do with old sweaters to give them new life. 

Fall is in full descent and winter is brewing! As the weather outside starts to chill, we’re all pulling out our favorite warmer clothes. When the sweaters come down from the attic, if you notice holes, tears, or other blemishes, don’t throw them out! There are tons of things you can do with old sweaters to give them new life. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose sweaters:


1. Fashion some mittens.

Lay out your sweater, with the hem at the bottom. Cut out your mittens, making the hem snug around your wrist. Grab your thread and needle and switch away! A more detailed guide here

2. Make a hat!

Similar to the mittens, use the existing hem of the sweater as the edge of a hat, which will keep it snug to your head.

3. Craft knitted cozies.

This one is so quick, and allows you to limit paper use if you bring them with you to a coffee shop! Cut a strip of old sweater and attach with Velcro or a button to any coffee mug or cup.

4. Revive the leg warmer trend.

Sleeves become this 80’s accessory in the time it takes to cut them off with scissors! Wear ironically or unironically.

5. Create a cozy headband.

Easy as pie – cut a strip from an old sweater with a pattern you love and stitch it up to make a stretchy, comfy headband.

6. Cowl neck scarves.

If you haven’t heard this term before, a cowl is a wide scarf that attaches to the other end and drapes over your shoulders like a shawl. Here is an easy how to! 

7. Make a wool diaper cover.

Wool covers are awesome for breathability when using cloth diapers. Making your own from old sweaters is more economical and pretty straightforward with some basic sewing skills!

8. Pocket warmers to the rescue!

If you’re planning on engaging in any outdoor activities this winter, you’ve gotta keep those hands warm. Cut square-shaped bands from a sweater arm, stitch up the sides, and fill with dried beans, lentils, buckwheat or pie weights. Right before you leave the house, toss it in the microwave for a minute or two, then put it in your pocket and go!

9. Pouf there it is!

Make a fun pouf for kicking up your feet on. When you take your old sweater and fiberfill, a versatile DIY ottoman can be yours for a small price.


10. Felted wool coasters.

Just wash and rinse the sweater by itself using the highest water temperature, then run it through the dryer. After several wash/dry cycles, the sweater will shrink dramatically and grow very dense, which means it’s been felted. Cut into circles to use as coasters! 

11. Prep a Christmas stocking!

Wow your friends and family with your own DIY stocking. Grab a stocking you already have to use as a pattern, then cut and sew two pieces together! Embellish your creation with some ribbon and you have the perfect holiday decoration.

12. Turn your pullover into a cardigan.

If you know how to use an iron and a pair of scissors, you can turn an old pullover sweater into a cozy cardigan. Check out this guide! 

13. Create a throw blanket.

Are there multiple sweaters on hand that need to be used for something new? Turn them into a cozy throw blanket by cutting into larger squares and sewing them together.