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I Accidentally Left Clothes in The Washer Overnight! Now What?

It’s happened to the best of us. You put a late night load of laundry in the wash, lose track of time, and next thing you know, you’ve accidentally left wet clothes in the washer overnight. That musty, wet-dog laundry smell may be the opposite of pleasant, but all hope isn’t lost! It’s easy to rescue your forgotten load of laundry.

Why Do My Clothes Smell When I Leave Them in the Wash?

The musty smell in your clothes is a result of mold or mildew, which thrives and grows in dark humid places like your washing machine. It’s important to remove your laundry promptly after the wash cycle in order to prevent mildew, but accidents do happen! Don’t worry—it’s easy to fix the problem.

Pro Tip: Keep your washing machine free of mildew and smelling fresh by leaving the door ajar when finished with a load! 

How to Rescue Clothes Accidentally Left in the Washer

The trick? Dropps Oxi Booster Pods. Dropps Oxi Booster is designed to boost cleaning power to tackle stubborn stains and odors. That mildew-y wet laundry smell won’t know what hit it! Add one Oxi Booster Pod with your laundry detergent and wash using hot water. For particularly tough odors—think old towels—you can also add 3oz of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution to the rinse cycle.Just be sure to test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before using either on clothing. The smell will be gone, and your laundry will be as good as new.

If you’re experiencing a mildew smell even when you take your laundry out on time, it’s possible that your washer may be in need of a bit of TLC. Check out our guide to learn How to Clean Your Washing Machine Naturally! While you’re at it, why not clean your dryer as well? A clean machine means your clothes get that much fresher so your laundry routine can stay stress-free.

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