Your Guide to Guest Bathroom Essentials


Tis the season for hosting! 

Whether you have a designated guest bathroom or are looking to tidy up your primary bathroom to make guests more comfortable, the following tips will help your guests feel at home and taken care of.

Make Sure the Bathroom is Clean

First things first: make sure the bathroom is sparkling clean! While cleaning the bathroom isn't most people's favorite activity, it doesn’t have to be painful. You can clean the entire bathroom with one product: Oxi Booster Pods! Put on your favorite music and follow our bathroom cleaning guide. Your guests will thank you!

Refill The Necessities

Be sure to have bathroom essentials for guests available. Refill Foaming Hand Soap and toilet paper before guests arrive to avoid any awkward situations. Don’t forget a bottle of Revitalizing Mist by the toilet!

Stock the Extra Essentials

Keep extra guest bathroom essentials accessible and easy to find. Your guests won’t want to wake you up in the middle of the night to ask where you keep your extra toilet paper–so try your best to keep your storage intuitive! You could even stock extra essentials like q-tips, makeup remover, and lotion.

Make Some Space

If possible, clear some counter or shelf space so your guest can store their belongings. Even just providing an empty cup to place their toothbrush in will go a long way in helping your guest feel at home!

Fluff Those Towels!

You know to make towels available–but it’s easy to make sure those towels are as appealing as possible! Consider freshly washing towels before guests arrive. Use Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent in case they have sensitive skin, and add a Fabric Softener Pod for maximum coziness. Fold or hang in the bathroom for easy access!

Add a Signature Scent

Ready to take your hosting skills to the next level? Adding a signature scent will help elevate your space–not to mention eliminate any stinky bathroom smells. Consider matching scents when choosing hand soap and air freshener. A spritz of Lavender Chamomile Revitalizing Mist will help bring relaxing spa vibes to your guests' experience, while Lemon Verbena can add a zing of brightness. You could even add a scented candle for maximum luxury!