These Epic Laundromats Are Almost Too Cool To Be True

Who says laundromats can't be fun?

All across the world, facilities are changing the face of launderettes once and for all by offering a bevy of entertainment options, high tech machinery, free wi-fi access, and even delicious food and beverage menus to customers who'd like to make good, tasty use of their time in between washing, drying, and folding all those fabrics. So long vending machine sodas; hello chai latte. 

These locations in particular have gone way above and beyond in the call to spruce up the spin cycle and give people a very real reason to look forward to laundry day. 

1. World's Largest Laundromat (Berwyn, Illinois)

This Chicago area store boasts a whopping 301 machines (157 washers and 144 dryers), a children's play area that was designed by an early development specialty firm and features regular appearances by a clown, as well as a bird aviary filled with finches, a wall full of video games and TVs galore, and free morning donuts and weekly free pizza. Yummmm. 

2. SPLASH Laundromat (Barcelona, Spain)

This self-proclaimed "laundromat that thinks it's a nightclub" boasts slick, contemporary decor, lighting, and music and even once transformed itself into an actual night club just to prove that the place does indeed live up to its nickname.

3. Wasbar (Ghent and Antwerpen, Belgium) 

Not only does this laundry locale feature actual coffee and alcohol bars, but they also offer a full-on hair salon where patrons can have their hair and clothes dried at the exact same time. Think of the practicality at play here. 

4. The Laundry Cafe (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

This place is gorgeous and completely inviting based on the interior design alone, but add massage chairs, coffee bar, in-house computers, and a chill lounge to the list of extras. Not a bad place to spend an afternoon!

5. Spin Laundry Lounge (Portland, Oregon)

Eco-friendliness is a vital part of modern commerce, and this space prioritizes being green while getting clothes clean. Plus, the owner sprung for the machines that offer text message alerts when they've completed their cycles, and there's a quaint cafe and game zone to relax in all the while. 

6. Brain Wash Cafe (San Francisco, California)

How many people can say they've gotten to enjoy a live stand-up show while sorting through socks? 'Cause that's exactly what the crowd at Brain Wash gets on any given night as comedians frequent the place's open mic nights and regular weekly show slots. They also offer a full service restaurant and slip into night club mode after the sun goes down. (Throw a for-rent bed space in there and you might never have to leave!)

7. Harvey Washbangers (College Station, Texas)

Of all the places you might expect to see a nationally acclaimed burger on the menu, the local laundry is probably not one of them ... except when it comes to Harvey Washbangers, that is. The Texan hot spot is known for its essential entrees and having a light board that lets customers know when their clothes are ready as they enjoy their own sort of rinse cycle at the bar and grill. The best part is, they've clearly got humor on tap all day long.