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Tie-dying fabric is such a wonderful summer activity, and one we are sure a lot of you are enjoying in your homes as the season wraps up! It’s perfect for all ages, with vibrant colors bleeding through in a myriad of patterns and designs. Creativity you can wear! We want those colors to stay just as exuberant with each wash as the day you made them, so we’ve assembled a few best practices for washing your tie dye fabrics. 

Washing for the first time:

  1. Try soaking your tie dye in equal parts white vinegar and cold water for 30 minutes after you initially rinse out the dye from your garment to help with colorfastness.
  2. Toss your pieces into the washing machine with other newly tie-dyed items in a similar color scheme. Avoid adding other clothing to this wash, as the dye can run.
  3. Set to the smallest size load.
  4. Add laundry detergent. May we suggest one of our Small Loads Pods?
  5. Set the water temperature to hot. (The hot water will help set the dye.)
  6. Wash!
  7. Place your items in the dryer.
  8. Dry on high heat until completely dry to help set your dye.
  9. Marvel at your masterpiece!

Tips for future washing to avoid fading:

  • Continue to wash tie dye shirts alone, or with other tie dye items or similarly colored garments.
  • Before washing, turn your tie dye garments inside out to protect the colors.
  • Run the washer on the gentle cycle using cold water.
  • Avoid leaving the garments in the wash too long after the cycle finishes, so the colors don’t bleed!
  • Air dry if possible. If not, dry in the dryer on a medium or low heat setting.

We hope this leaves you feeling energized and well-equipped for all your end of summer tie-dying! May the colors be bright, and the garments you create be cherished for years to come.


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