How to Get Mold Out of Clothes


Kick that moldy menace to the curb with our guide to how to get mold out of clothes.

Discovering mold on your clothes can be a distressing experience. Whether it's due to improper storage, dampness, or unfortunate accidents, the presence of mold can not only ruin your favorite garments but also pose potential health risks. But don't panic just yet! We’re here to show you how to get mold out of clothes, leaving them fresh, clean, and safe to wear once again. So, let's roll up our sleeves and bid farewell to mold, restoring your wardrobe to its former glory. Get ready to conquer the moldy challenge with confidence!

What causes mold on clothes?

Mold on clothes is caused by the growth of mold spores, which thrive in warm, damp, and humid environments. When clothes are exposed to moisture and not properly dried or stored, mold spores can settle and start to grow, leading to the development of mold patches or mildew on the fabric. Mold on clothes can be gross, alarming, and even a little embarrassing–but don’t worry! We’re here to show you how to get mold stains out of clothes quickly, easily, and safely.

How to Get Mold Out Of Clothes

Determining how to remove mold from clothes may seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you’d expect! We’ll show you how to get mold out of clothes.

Step 1: Wash

When it comes to removing mold from fabrics, it’s important to use the right tools. We recommend using a combination of a detergent containing enzymes, like Dropps Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent or Active Wash, and Dropps Oxi Booster Pods. The enzymes in the detergent are designed to break down proteins, fats, and oils that create stains–and mold. The enzymes should remove the mold by breaking down the molecules it thrives on. Dropps Oxi Booster Pods, a chlorine-free oxygen bleach, are designed to boost cleaning power to tackle stubborn stains and odors. Add one Oxi Booster Pod to the washing machine along with your laundry detergent and wash using the hottest water recommended by the care label. This high powered, hot water wash should kill the mold and remove any musty smells.

Step 2: Dry

Excess moisture is one of the top causes of mold on clothes, so be sure your clothes are completely dry before hanging them up or putting them away. If you machine dry your clothes, add an XL Wool Dryer Ball to shorten your drying time. If you prefer to air dry your clothes, try hanging them in direct sunlight in order to take advantage of the sun’s natural antibacterial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about how to get mold out of clothes? We’re here to help.

Can mold be washed out of clothes?

Can you wash mold out of clothes? Absolutely! You should be able to wash mold out of clothes using the correct methods and products.

Is mold on clothes permanent?

Mold on clothes is not necessarily permanent. The severity of the mold growth, the type of fabric, and the length of time the mold has been present can all impact the success of removing mold from clothes, but in many cases, mold can be effectively removed from clothes through proper cleaning and washing techniques.

Should I throw away moldy clothes?

It depends! We recommend considering the following factors when determining whether to throw away or rescue a moldy garment.

  • Severity of mold growth: If the mold is extensive, covering a large portion of the garment, or deeply embedded into the fabric, it may be challenging to completely remove it, and the clothes may not be salvageable.
  • Fabric type: Some fabrics, like natural fibers such as cotton or linen, are more susceptible to mold growth and may retain mold even after cleaning attempts. In contrast, synthetic fabrics might be more resistant to mold and have a higher chance of being salvaged.
  • Length of time mold is present: The longer the mold has been on the clothes, the more challenging it becomes to remove it entirely. If the clothes were left damp and moldy for an extended period, the mold may have caused irreversible damage to the fabric.
  • Health considerations: Mold can pose health risks, especially for individuals with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. If the moldy clothes cannot be thoroughly cleaned, it may be better to dispose of them to avoid potential health issues.

Can you kill mold spores on clothes?

Yes, it is possible to kill mold spores on clothes through various cleaning methods and treatments. Mold spores can be effectively eliminated using the right combination of cleaning agents and proper drying techniques. Be sure to use a detergent with enzymes and hot water for the most effective wash.