Can You Put Pillows in the Dryer?


Can you put pillows in the dryer? Our guide to drying pillows will help you keep your pillows clean, fluffy, and dry.

We all appreciate a good night's sleep, and our pillows play a vital role in ensuring our comfort and relaxation. But what happens when your favorite pillow needs a wash? We're here to answer your burning question: Can you put pillows in the dryer?

In most cases, yes! Foam based pillows, such as those made from memory foam, are highly flammable and should not be put in the dryer. Other pillows, such as synthetic and down, are able to be dried via machine. Before tossing your pillows in the dryer, check the care label for any specific instructions. Manufacturers often provide recommendations on temperature settings and drying methods.

Can You Put Pillows in the Dryer?

Ready to learn the best way to dry pillows in the dryer? We have all the information you need for how to clean a pillow by machine or by hand! Remember to always check the care label on the pillow for any specific instructions before washing. Now, keep calm and wash on!

How to Dry Pillows in the Dryer

1. Dry Immediately

Can I put a pillow in the dryer? Yes–and you should do so as soon as possible! We recommend putting your pillow in the dryer immediately after washing to prevent bacteria growth.

2. Choose Low Heat

We recommend choosing a low or no heat cycle to prevent damaging the fibers. Check on the pillows in dryer every 20-30 minutes to ensure they are drying properly. Skip the auto-dry setting on your clothes dryer because the sensors will detect only surface moisture, leaving you with a pillow that’s still damp on the inside.

3. Add Wool Dryer Balls

Add a few wool dryer balls to the wash! Wool dryer balls will bounce around with the pillows in the dryer, speeding up drying time and keeping the pillow’s filling evenly distributed.

4. Make Sure It’s Completely Dry

It’s crucial to get the pillow completely dry—otherwise you risk mildew. After the pillow is dry, allow it to sit in direct sunlight to make sure it is completely dry and to take advantage of the sun’s natural antibacterial properties!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about how to dry pillows in the dryer? We have answers!

Can you put pillows in the dryer on high heat?

While it's generally safe to put pillows in the dryer, using high heat may not be the best approach. High heat can damage sensitive fillings such as down or feathers, and, if hot enough, could even cause synthetic fillings to melt. It’s best to use a lower heat with XL wool dryer balls to speed the process.

How long do I put my pillow in the dryer?

The drying time for pillows can vary depending on factors such as the size and thickness of the pillow, the type of fill, and the heat setting of your dryer. In most cases, it will take 30-60 minutes–be sure to check on the pillow periodically!

What's the best way to dry pillows?

Most pillows can be put in the dryer. Foam pillows are flammable, and so should be air dried only. When in doubt, check the pillow’s care label and dry on low or no heat.