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This holiday season, we hope you’re seeing more piles of fresh snow than piles of dirty laundry (nothing like chores to bring down the festive spirit!) We’re sharing some tips with you today to try and keep your laundry loads down! This may seem like a counter-intuitive blogpost for us to share, but this isn’t just about your workload! We care much more about conservation than we do about how many pods you buy.  Did you know that the average household consumes over 13,500 gallons of water every year? Conserving our water benefits our entire ecosystem, so we see it as a win-win for the whole planet.  Plus, the energy used to run both a washer and dryer climbs quickly when you start adding more and more loads per week!

Try these suggestions for cutting down on your laundry loads:

- Skip the dryer when you can! Did you know that the dryer actually uses more energy than the washing machine? It uses the second most energy in your house, behind the fridge, and it’s energy doesn’t come from renewable resources either. If your items can be hung and air dried, opt for that! If not, use Wool Dryer Balls to help cut down on drying time! 

- Wear clothes more than once. When you take your cloths off at the end of the day, give them a little whiff. If they pass the sniff-test, they are good to go! Jeans are generally made of sturdy material that doesn’t need to be washed after each wear (and they fade in color each time you do!) Re-wear pajamas until they no longer smell clean, or you do a load of laundry (Whichever comes first).

- Wear an apron while cooking! It’s not just a timeless accessory, but can keep stains off of your normal clothes, giving you the opportunity to wear them again before washing!

- Use effective stain-fighting techniques. Nothing creates more laundry then having to re-wash items that didn’t get quite clean the first time. (And the whole process can be so frustrating, can’t it!) Feel free to check out our Stain & Odor Pods, Oxi Boost Pods, or this blog post about using vinegar in your wash for some ideas on how to treat stains.

- Homogenize your load. Skip high-maintenance clothing that asks you to hand wash, delicate wash, or dry clean. When everything can be thrown together, you can consolidate loads (and take a load off your mind!) Shop with this intention as well so you don’t come home from the store with items that will complicate your washing routine. You can generally wash lights and darks together on the warm water setting. 

- When you do need to wash specialty items (like bright whites or delicates), wait until you have a full load’s worth to do so!

- Avoid buying colors that will bleed. Dye from both red clothes and dark rinse jeans often bleed during the first several washes.  Because of this, think twice before buying either.

- (This tip is less about conservation and more of a parent-hack) Have your kids do their own laundry! With a little bit of training and a lot of encouragement, you could have some efficient little helpers on your hands!


We hope these tips have empowered you for simplifying your laundry routine, and made this type of conservation feel possible. All it takes is a few small shifts to take a huge load (pun intended!) off of your shoulders. Your electric and water bill will thank you for it too! Every Dropps counts!


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