Extra Large Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3

Extra Large Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3

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Save time, energy, and money with our handmade, all natural, 100% premium New Zealand wool dryer balls.

  • Set contains 3 wool dryer balls: cream, charcoal, and black.
  • 100% premium New Zealand wool. Handmade in Nepal by trained craftsmen.
  • Match your dryer ball to your laundry load: cream for light loads, charcoal for mixed colors, and black for dark clothing.
  • Hypoallergenic, chemical free dryer balls leave no residue on clothing making them safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • Our extra large dryer balls are bigger than traditional wool dryer balls. You need only one dryer ball for a full load of laundry.
  • Decreases drying time by up to 50%. Conserve energy and save money on your utility bill.
  • Eliminates waste in landfills by offering a reusable alternative to disposable dryer sheets.
  • Reusable dryer balls last for 1,000+ laundry loads (2-4 years).
  • Gentle, soft dryer balls reduce wrinkles and ensure that clothing is snag-free.
  • No fillers, chemicals, or synthetic ingredients.
  • A healthy rubber-free, petroleum-free alternative to tennis balls and plastic dryer steamer balls.

Pro Tip:

For long lasting freshness, add a few drops of your favorite pure undiluted essential oil to the dryer ball and toss in the dryer. Soaking dryer balls for a longer period of time in essential oils increases the scent.

Bigger Means Better

Happy Sheep come from new zealand

We choose to source our wool from New Zealand because not only is their wool a superior quality, but, in New Zealand, farmers who tend sheep must meet a range of standards regarding environmental sustainability and cruelty-free practices.

New Zealand sheep are able to graze in outdoor pastures throughout the year, and their annual shearing - performed skillfully and pain-free - helps these sheep live more comfortable and healthy lives.

There is also a prohibition against exporting sheep from New Zealand, so the sheep can stay happy in their pastures while their wool is shipped around the world to be used in manufacturing.

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