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Dear Dropps Community Members,

I am reaching out to address the evolving global COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. As a member of the Dropps family, your health and safety are priority number one.

You’ve probably seen the news that cleaning supplies are selling out throughout the country. We’ve got you covered with delivery to your door - no need to leave your home. With demand surging beyond anyone’s expectations, we can’t guarantee that every item will stay in stock, but you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to maintain inventory. We source our ingredients and manufacture our products here in the United States. Our supply chain is intact and we have not seen a disruption to date. Rest assured, we are reserving stock for wash plan subscribers who are due to bill in the coming weeks. 

While other retailers are raising prices on in-demand items, we will never engage in surge pricing. 

Lastly, our warehouse team is committed to shipping your orders during business hours (M-F) within 24 hours of receipt. Should any delays occur we will inform you.

Keep calm and wash on,

Jonathan Propper

Dropps Founder & CEO


COVID-19 Update 4/7/2020

Here's what we're doing for employees:

  • Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees. 
  • We offer paid sick leave, paid (50%) childcare leave, and paid leave of absence for vulnerable team members
  • Provision of masks, gloves, sanitizer and hand soap
  • Cleaning & disinfecting our workplaces every hour
  • Social distancing as much as possible
  • Shipping partners are not allowed to enter our warehouse
  • COVID-19 preparedness training (
  • Temperature testing and recording every morning
  • Remote work for non-warehouse employees

Here's what we're doing for customers:

  • We’re prioritizing delivery for existing and new subscription customers to ensure no disruption to ongoing wash plan subscriptions
  • While other retailers are raising prices on in-demand items, we will never engage in surge pricing

Here's what we are doing for our communities:

  • We're donating laundry detergent to hospitals and healthcare workers to meet increased laundry demands. 


  • I have chronic nerve pain and scented soaps and fabric softeners exacerbate my pain. I am excited to try your sent free, eco friendly products too see if they help.

  • Thank you! Looking forward to ordering all my cleaning/laundry supplies through your company. Moving away from big box stores!

    Sara Yinger
  • Mr. Propper’s commercial is the first time in my life that I actually didn’t hit “skip ad” and watched until the end. We will be giving Dropps a try when our current detergent runs out just to see – if the product is half as good as the ad we will love it.

    Well done Mr. Propper. Not a small feat to cut through the din in this day of information overload.

    David Michels
  • Saw your ad on YouTube. Great! Excited to try and ordered right away.

    Katie Madsen
  • First Youtube advertisement i’ve ever actually watched.. Anyone not a supermodel willing to strip down to sell their product is ok in my book. Sadly, i just bought one of those 1000 load plastic bottles, but i will order when i’m close to running out, sometime in 2023 or so. But seriously, i like the concept and the transparency..


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