Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Cool Off!

August has us all feeling hot, hot, hot! And there's nothing worse than rising temperatures and yucky sweat ruining a fun summer day. So we have a couple of tips + tricks below to help you keep cool (even without the A/C).



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Opt for lighter fabrics like cotton or linen in the heat. Linen fabric has a loose weave that allows plenty of airflow and has moisture wicking properties to keep you cool even on the hottest day. Light colored cottons are a great option too as they allow light to pass through the fabric instead of trapping it in like other synthetic fabrics.



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Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re participating in any activity. Sweating can quickly lead to dehydration if you don’t replace lost fluids along the way. Cool down and refuel with plenty of H2O! Replenish fluids the fun way by snacking on some frozen treats like these homemade popsicles!



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Keep electronics away when it’s hot—they give off heat without you even noticing. Avoid heat-radiating appliances like the oven and stove to help keep your kitchen (and you!) cool too. Try some of these amazing summer salad recipes or a delicious gazpacho instead.



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Pulse points are the areas on your body where blood flows closest to the surface of your skin. Your body has 8 pulse points—the back of the neck, behind the elbows and knees, the inside of the wrists, the top of the feet, the insides of the ankles, the inner thighs, and the temples. According to LifeHacker, cooling down these areas will cool off your blood, lowering your body temperature. If you’re feeling overheated, try running your wrists under cool water or placing a cool, damp rag against a pulse point for relief.



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No A/C? No problem! Try this simple hack: fill a bowl with ice and place a fan behind it. The air from the fan will blow small particles of cold water from the ice cubes, creating a wonderful, cooling mist!