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Fabric Care: Zap Pit Stains

Yuck! The only thing worse than sweating on a hot day is coming home to realize you’ve got ugly, yellow stains in the underarms of your favorite shirt. Underarm stains are notoriously tough to remove, but we have our best pro tips for you below.

First things first—determine whether the stain is a perspiration stain or a deodorant stain. Perspiration stains are typically yellowish brown and have a stiff texture. Deodorant stains are white or clear and greasy to the touch.


To remove even the toughest of perspiration or sweat stains, mix a solution of water and white vinegar (2:1), and let the garment soak in it for 20-30 minutes. Or if your garment is white, you can even try using water and baking soda, which contains natural whiteners.

Once the clothing is done soaking, scrub the stained area gently with a soft-bristled brush if the stain is still visible. 

Then wash in cool water with a Dropps 4-in-1 Booster Pac along with a chlorine-free detergent to kick out any tough, lingering stains.

(Photo Credit: Pop Sugar)

#DroppsProTip: Be sure to avoid chlorine bleach on perspiration stains—it actually makes them darker!

Air dry your garment first to make sure the stains are completely gone. Heat from the dryer can set the stains deep in the fabric, making them nearly impossible to remove.



Deodorant stains are typically easier to remove than their nasty counterpart, especially with the right products.

To remove deodorant or antiperspirant stains, pretreat the stain with a Dropps 4-in-1 Booster Pac, which will break down the deodorant easily. Just place the booster pac on top of the stain and run it under water until it dissolves completely.

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and you’ll see that even set-in stains disappear completely. Wash as normal with your favorite detergent, and you’re done!


Pretty easy, right? Our 4-in-1 Booster Pacs are lifesavers for situations like this, so you can wear your favorite summer whites without any hesitation.


Happy Washing! 

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