Brighten Summer Whites!

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Warm weather and sunny days put us all in the mood to wear our favorite white garments! But, it’s also prime time for barbecues, soccer games, and beach trips that can leave your once-bright whites looking dull and stained.


Don’t let dirty laundry dampen your summer fun! We’ve gathered some of our best tips and tricks to tackle dingy whites—without all the harsh chemicals.



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Martha Stewart (queen of all things clean) suggests soaking your whites with lemons. Boil a pot of water with several lemon slices, turn off the heat, and add your garments. Let them soak for about an hour before washing.


Adding baking soda to the mix can help get rid of those tough summer odors while working with the lemon juice to naturally bleach your whites.





Dropps 4-in-1 Booster Pacs are a miracle when it comes to keeping your clothes bright and stain-free. For any tough stains, try dissolving a Booster Pac on top, and watch the real Dropps magic!


The best part? No harsh chemicals or bleach that irritates your skin. Our 4-in-1 Booster Pacs have 4x the cleaning power of a regular detergent, and leave your whites sparkling in the safest way possible.


#DroppsProTip: Avoid detergents that contain optical brighteners that are bad for the environment and your skin! Opt for an EPA approved detergent instead.



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Keep your whites looking fresh and clean with the best natural bleaching agent out there: sunlight! There are all sorts of benefits to line drying your clothes, and natural whitening is at the top of the list.


If you prefer to use your dryer, keep the temperature low. According to cleaning expert Linda Cobb, heat can scorch fabrics, causing them to yellow quicker.



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