How to Stuff a Duvet in 60 Seconds

A beautiful duvet cover can transform your bedroom. They provide color and texture, and are like pillowcases to our comforters - protecting them and keeping them clean day in and day out. But then the day comes... laundry day. It's easy pulling the cover off to toss it in the washer - that's not the hard part. The hard part is getting it back on the comforter. Making your bed can be an aggravating experience if you're not used to stuffing a duvet. There

Everyone has their method, but we're huge fans of the roll method. Crane and Canopy, a bedding company, recommends the California Roll Method. Our friends over at Porch made a step-by-step video guide to stuffing a duvet in 60 seconds using a similar method. There are several ways to put on a duvet cover, but this is definitely the easiest, and fastest. In just one minute, you can have a nicely stuffed duvet.