There’s an App for That


Laundry just got easier, thanks to the smartphone. A few ingenious folks have taken some of the hassle out of doing laundry by developing iPhone and Android applications to assist us. These apps are handy for beginners and seasoned laundry professionals, providing detailed steps on how to wash certain fabrics, deciphering wash symbols on care labels and alerting you to when your laundry is done.

Complete Laundry Care – iPhone and iPod app from Renowne, LLC

Get complete instructions for doing laundry and helpful tips. Timer feature lets you know when your load is done. Available in the iTunes app store.

LaundryPal  – iPhone and iPod app  from HipFire Media

Use this app at home or at the Laundromat to decode the symbols on your clothing’s tags. Also get tips and detailed instructions on doing laundry. Available in the iTunes app store.

Laundry Mate – Android app from JollyJollyBean.

Get help figuring out what those symbols on the tags of your clothes actually mean. Use this app when doing laundry or when shopping for clothes – understanding the symbols will help you determine if you really want to buy something that is dry clean only or needs to be hand washed.  Available on Google Play.

Laundry Timer – Android app from Chad Etzel

Track up to four washers and dryers with this app that alerts you when your wash and drying cycles are done.  Available on Google Play.